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Zingara | Malta, Hamrun

About Zingara | Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Zingara About

Zingara is a fashion outlet, located in the busy town of Hamrun. It caters to women’s clothing needs as well as offering a large range of quality jewelry and accessories to compliment any outfit. The shop also offers a selection of lingerie, with various sizes to ensure that client’s needs are catered for.

Products by Zingara

Zingara offers a large range of fashionable products to it’s clients. The staff present in the store have ample experience in both fashion and fashion-related topics and can help the clients make the choice which would best suit their style and budget.

Some of the different products offered by the shop can be found below :

Women’s Clothing:

Zingara Clothing

Whether it’s a sun-dress, a scarf, or even a very tastefully designed blouse, the fashion outlet can provide it’s clients with these items and more.


Zingara Lingerie

The shop also caters to special occasions, by providing clients with fancy lingerie, which will definitely enhance the wearers look. A range of sizes and colors are available.


Zingara Jewelry

A vast range of costume jewelry is made available by Zingara. They are all made from sturdy materials, which are designed to last and are also very fashionable. They come in various types and designs, ensuring that everyone’s tastes are catered for.

Some types of jewelry found at Zingara can be found below:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Chokers
  • Earrings
  • Bangles


Zingara Accessories

The staff at Zingara believe that accessories are the small objects which bring a whole look together and for this very reason, they import good-quality accessories. These accessories are paired very carefully with the client’s style, ensuring that the client’s needs are met.

A few accessories found at the shop can be found below:

  • Hair-Clips
  • Hair-Bands
  • Hair-Pins
  • Unique Earrings
  • Novelty bracelets

Make-up and Nail Polish

Zingara make-up and Nailpolish

Plenty of make-up and nail polish shades and colors are available from the shop. These products are all safe to use and can bring out and enhance the features of the wearer when applied.

Zingara Online

Zingara is found on it’s own personal Facebook page. The link to that page can be found below.

Zingara on Facebook Latest Updates

Zingara Facebook

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the shops Facebook page. The shop’s Facebook page shows pictures of the shop itself and the various accessories it sells.

Near Zingara

Zingara Near
Zingara is located on the corner of Mile End road and Schembri street, Hamrun very close to the Victor Tedesco Stadium and San Gorg Preca College.

Contact Zingara

M: 79289370
A: 1 Triq, Schembri, Hamrun, Malta

Zingara On the Map, Hamrun, Malta

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