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Yvonne’s Fish Shop

Fish Shop in Malta, Paola

yvonne's fish shop


About Yvonne’s Fish Shop in Malta, Paola

Welcome to Yvonne’s Fish Shop page on All Malta Online.

Fresh fish at Yvonne’s Fish Shop

At Yvonne’s Fish shop one can find a large selection fresh local fish.

Fresh fish sold at Yvonne’s Fish shop

-Black Tail (Kahli)
-Brown Meagre (Gurbell)
-Red Snapper (Pagell)
-Squid (Calamari)
-Sea bream
-Sea bass
-King prawns
-Macharel and much more which are found usually according to their seasons.

The easiest way to find Yvonne’s Fish Shop

Yvonne’s Fish Shop can be found in the same street as the Band Club, Christ the king.

Contact Yvonne’s Fish Shop in Malta, Paola

C: Yvonne Maniscalco
T: 21820351
M: 99805929
A: Yvonne’s Fish Shop, No14, Arcades Str, Paola.
H: Tues-Sat 7.00-13.00
Sun at Marsaxlokk Market 7.00-13.00

Find Yvonne’s Fish Shop in Paola on the map

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