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XN TEQ Anti-Corossion, Grit Blasting, Painting, Refurbishing, Galvanizing & Protection

Providing repair, maintenance and effective anti-corrosion solutions.

Rust costs over 1,400,000,000,000 annually worldwide; however with the right coatings, maintenance and repair solutions you can rest assured that you won’t have to shoulder the costs of rust.

If on the other hand you have a rust problem there is a solution and a professional team ready to help you using the most cost effective, technologically advanced, efficient and reliable methods. From heavy industry and construction to residential projects XN-teq is able to help you with the right anti-corossion or refurbishing solution for you or your business.

Grit Blasting – Sand Blasting – Vapor Blasting

Not all blasting is equal, the qualified team at XN-teq have the experience and know how to provide you with the best blasting options for your application. In Malta we most commonly use the term sand blasting to describe the removal of surface materials such as rust or paint. In some cases the term is correct however there are much more advanced techniques that provide superior results with less mess and are in many cases more cost effective.

Most rust prevention as well as refurbishment starts with the removal of any existing rust and other contaminants that may be on the treatable surface. Many considerations have to be made to ensure that all rust and other contaminants are fully removed prior to applying high quality coatings that ensure the surface is fully protected.

Grit Blasting – Metallic, Non-Metallic & Dustless

Graco Eco quip XN Teq Malta

XN-teq offer metallic grit blasting as well as non-metallic grit blasting; grit blasting is used in many industries and has many applications. Grit blasting is also common in the maritime, auto restoration industry, utilities such as gas, water treatment, petrochemical, construction and the power generation sectors to name a few; however grit blasting is also used in more residential applications such as restoring iron works to their former glory in farmhouses, balconies and our beloved historical buildings throughout the island.

Blasting Example – Vehicle & Soda Blasting

An example of soda blasting in action and the end result of the blasting process prior to applying protective coating.

Dustless grit blasting

XN-teq provide dustless blasting services that are highly efficient and effective whilst creating little to no mess. There are many reasons to use dustless blasting the above work in Valletta is an example of dustless blasting in action. It is a great solution for residential projects as well as many industrial applications, dustless grit blasting is available on-site and at XN-teq’s location.

Surface Passivator – Hold*Blast by Chlor*rid

Once the surface material is removed the metal is exposed to air and completely unprotected, a surface passivator such as hold*blast protects the surface until the full protective coating is applied; above is an example held in the hand of a piece of metal half of which has had Hold*blast applied and the other half which hasn’t the difference is striking.

The application of a surface passivator during the anti-corrosion process is an important step in ensuring the best results. Chlor*rid Hold*Blast is used in many applications especially in high workload environments such as the reactivator tank featured in the image above; case studies are available and the positive results are impressive, even under extreme conditions such as the reactivator tank above where harsh chemicals are present and comparisons to similar instances where a surface passivator was not used in the process the difference is astounding. The Arizona reactivator featured above was inspected years after and found to have no rust spots even in areas such as welding seams that tend to be at higher risk of developing rust spots.

Link to a few case studies: for a more detailed understanding of the value this process provides.

Protective coating anti-rust


Corrocoat corroglass fluiglide heatblocka plasmet polyglass

Corrocoat is one of the leading providers in corrossion prevention coatings as well as a wide variety of anti-corrossion solutions and equipment. XN-teq is the sole license holder of corrocoat in Malta and proud to meet the exacting requirements that corrocoat holds license holders to. The XN-teq team is professionally trained and maintains an excellent knowledge of the solutions available as well as having the skill and expertise to apply the solutions to the highest standards.

Spray painting: Electrostatic, Airless, Air Assisted & Conventional

On-site or at XN-teq’s premises a wide array of spray painting services are available, this includes electrostatic, airless, air assisted and conventional spray painting. Serving the construction industry as well petrochemical, water treatment, energy and other similar sectors as well as residential and work for local councils XN-teq is able to deliver high quality spray painting services to suit your needs.

Metallizing & Cold Galvanizing

mettalizing and cold galvanization XN-teq Malta
Metallizing and Galvanization protect metals such as iron and steel from rust by applying a layer (most commonly zinc) that bonds with the metal beneath and thus protects it from oxidization. XN-teq provides both metallizing and cold glavanization; they are able to guide you as to which option will provide you with the best balance of protection when used in combination with other coatings. With cold galvanizing it is very important to use the right coating materials as some coating materials are in fact not compatible and will not adhere properly negating the positive effect of anti-corrosion and anti-rust that the top layer is intended to provide.

Studies have shown that the experience and skill of the person applying metallisation and cold galvanizing can have a significant impact on the effective protection that these solutions provide. This is why so many trust XN-teq to take care of their metallizing and galvanizing, the team at XN-teq is experienced and meticulous ensuring that the best results are achieved.

Fluid Efficiency coatings

The above is a pump repair showing a before and after, besides the standard process fluid efficiency coatings can be applied and data shows that specialized coatings on pumps and other equipment can improve overall efficiency upwards of 12%; generally speaking the fluid efficiency coating pays for itself and leaves a cost benefit. Or to put it a different way, not using a fluid efficient coating means that you will be sustaining unnecessary losses in efficiency and of course profitability. XN-teq will work with you to ensure that the right fluid efficiency coating is applied for your intended use.

Internal Pipe Blasting & Spraying

Having professional equipment and know how XN-teq provides internal pipe blasting & spraying, specialized coatings to are available for high temperature, extreme workloads and corrosive chemical protection coatings are all available. Pipe blasting and coating not only cleans and extends the life of the pipes but also improves efficiency.

Building and protection of bunded areas

XN-teq also provides services for building and protection of bunded areas, on site quoting is available.

Construction & Concrete Protection

XN-teq provides on-site service to the construction industry and is available to provide concrete protection as well as on-site blasting, anti-corrosion solutions and professional advice. Some of XN-teq’s clients include the Polidano Brothers, Radisson Golden Sands and various government departments.

Refurbishing of Metal railings, balconies and more

 railings gates refurbishment

XN-teq also provides a wide range of services for residential, specifically restoration of metal in old buildings in Malta. From gates to balconies and everything else that needs restoration and anti-corrosion.XN-teq dismantles and re-installs as well as being able to provide on-site restoration and refurbishment services.

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