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Woodpecker’s Furniture and Joinery

Furniture in Ghaxaq, Malta

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About Woodpecker’s Furniture & Joinery in Ghaxaq, Malta

Woodpeckers furniture & joinery was established about 20 years ago in a small workshop.

Thanks to the experience gained through the years, their aim is to give attention to their customers so as to provide the best creative service.

They  offer custom made products to suit the clients requirements such as kitchens, bedrooms, units, doors, balconies.

They also offer restoration on traditional wooden Maltese balconies and doors.

The staff look forward to seeing you at Woodpeckers Furniture & Joinery in Ghaxaq, Malta

Traditional Maltese Balconies by Woodpeckers, Malta

2 Traditional-Maltese-Balcony Woodpeckers-Joinery-
Above you can view one of Woodpeckers completed traditional Maltese balconies the work is stunning detailed and truly captures the essence of the traditional Maltese balcony. Below you can view a few images of the work in progress.
3 Traditional-Maltese-Balcony-restored-600x450
4 Traditional-Maltese-Balcony-Restoration-600x450

Solid Wood Doors & Windows by Woodpeckers, Malta

In Malta we take great pride in having beautiful homes and no home is complete without a beautiful, solid wood front door to welcome your guests below you will find some photos of Woodpecker’s latest solid wood doors made in Malta.
5 Solid-Wood-Door-Made-in-Malta-by-Woodpeckers-Joinery-600x799
6 Solid-Wood-Door-Made-in-Malta-by-Woodpeckers-600x800

Traditional Maltese Window

Below you can find a photo of a traditional Maltese window by Woodpeckers.
7 Traditional-Louvers-Window-Green-Malta-600x799

Custom Shelving and Furniture by Woodpeckers, Furniture and Joinery Malta

Below you can view a beautifully built bunk bed with storage space and more underneath.
8 Chlidrens-Bunkbed-and-desk-made-in-Malta-by-Woodpeckers-Joinery-600x449
In need of more storage space? Maximise your own personal space, contact Woodpecker’s furniture and joinery where you not only get great prices, quality and craftsmanship but thanks to the many years of experience you will also get sound advice and great ideas for your home.
9 Custom-shevling-made-in-Malta-by-Woodpeckers-Joinery-600x800

Woodpecker’s Furniture and Joinery Online

Woodpecker’s Furniture and Joinery on Facebook


Woodpecker’s Furniture and Joinery Website

woodpeckers website
Click image above to visit woodpecker’s website where you will find more information about their products and services.

Contact Woodpecker’s Furniture & Joinery in Ghaxaq, Malta

C: Jesmond Mizzi
M: 99477948
A: WoodPeckers Furniture & Joinery, 65, Triq tas-Salib, Ghaxaq
H: Mon-Sat 08.00-20.00

Find Woodpecker’s Furniture & Joinery in Ghaxaq on the map

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