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About Vinci | Household and Yacht Interior Designs and Accessories

Vinci About

Vinci is a one-stop-shop for all your house-decor, accessory and gift needs. They supply everything you will need to make your household stylish and each product is made from the finest materials around. Vinci also extends their professional reach into cutlery, wine glasses and a myriad of other products, which are suitable for weddings. They also provide gifts which are very tasteful and can be made appropriate to plenty of occasions.

Products Offered by Vinci

Vinci offers a truly staggering amount of products to adorn your house, your table and various other locations throughout your house. For a complete list of their products, Click Here.

Below is a short list of the products made available by Vinci :

This section provides you with all the bar-tending equipment you will need to run a lavishly designed bar. From wine and spirit pourers to wine decanters and wine bottle stoppers, this shop has it all.

Bathroom Accessories:
Ranging from simple shower-heads, to very foot-operated tap units, this section caters to all your bathroom accessory needs, with subtle hints of style and panache’.

BBQ Products:
From tasty marinades to high-quality tools, the business encompasses the range of products necessary for a proper BBQ

The company offers a large range of bin-related items, such as odor filters and modern and stylish free-standing bins. The products are of the highest quality and look great anywhere in a house.

Cutlery Canteens:
A 70 piece cutlery box is also made available by the company, at a very reasonable price. The price however is no indication of the quality as Vinci provides it’s customers with the finest possible products.

Cutlery For Children:
Very tasteful cutlery sets adapted for children’s use. They are more robust and can withstand harder and continuous drops and bending.

Special Types of Cutlery:
This intricately designed cutlery is used for specific dishes. Lobster-crackers, bistro knives and plenty more can be found for a reasonable price.

Dinner-Ware in Porcelain:
Plenty of porcelain dinner-ware can be found in this section, all of which is of impeccable quality and tasteful design.

Brands Offered by Vinci

Vinci also offers a large variety of brands from which to choose. Each brand is very well-known and is also very keenly priced, when considering the prestige behind most of these brand’s names. For a more complete list of brands, Click Here.

Below is a short list of some of Vinci’s brands and what they offer:

Franke Italia:
Kitchen products

Dining Products

Glassware Products

Kitchen, Tabletop and Barware Products

BB Plastics:
Plastic Kitchen-ware Products

Paper Design:
Paper Napkin Products

Bathroom Products

Services Offered by Vinci

  • The company can supply you with Vinci cards, so that guests will know that the gifts purchased are of the highest quality and from a fine shop.
  • They also cater to home-delivery needs, unless otherwise specified for personal delivery of the gift.
  • Vinci provides you with regular updates on their products, ensuring that you are well informed about what is being purchased and what is currently in fashion.

Vinci Online

Vinci can be found on their own website, as well as on Facebook, which are both linked below.

Vinci’s Website

Vinci Website

By clicking on the image above, you will find more information about the company, as well as the products they offer.

This website has a Chat Service at the bottom right-hand-side of the page. This enables you to talk to members of the staff, as well as other people.

Vinci on Facebook Latest Updates

Vinci opened it’s doors to customers on the 1st Januray 2005 and has since then, joined Facebook and gained the admiration of over 2,700 people. Their page is full of information about current products, as well as information about upcoming sales.

Vinci on Youtube

The video showcases some of the products available from Vinci.

Near Vinci

The shop is located right in between Golden Gate Co. Ltd and Alpine House.

Contact Vinci

T: 21 384 800
A: 154, Triq In-Naxxar, San Gwann, SGN 9030

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