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May Vassallo Costume Rentals

Costume Rentals in Malta

May Vassallo Costume Rentals

About May Vassallo Costume Rentals in Malta

The costumes you can find at May Vassallo Costumes

Costume Rentals include:
Egyptian costumes
Roman costumes
Medieval costumes
Spanish costumes
Victorian costumes
1920s costumes
1960s costumes
1970s costumes
Father Christmas costumes
Boogie Night costumes
Ball Gowns
Valentine costumes
Evening wear for Weddings
Carnival Masks
Hats and much more costumes.
Costumes for hire

Hire Service of Costumes of all Eras for Carnival, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Re-Enactments and much
Custume Fittings

May Vassallo Costume Rentals has a fitting area where if the costume does not fit, May Vassallo can make
alterations to the costumes.
Designing Costumes

She designs costumes for children for the Carnival dancing in the February Carnival Events as well as
historical costumes. Usually works as a costume designer with Play productions and Teleserials.
Her inspiration for Costumes

Upon her travels abroad and in Malta, she gets inspired for her design of costumes, she picks up different
kinds of materials which are suitable.

Contact May Vassallo Costume Rentals in Malta

C: May Vassallo
M: 99421652

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