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Titan International Ltd | Malta, Msida

About Titan International Ltd | Air-conditioning and Renewable Energy Solutions

Titan International Ltd About

The company is an all-in-one store for many electrical goods and renewable energy solutions. These goods are branded and very well-known the world over and are of the highest quality. They are provided to the company’s clients at a reasonable price and Titan International Ltd also has an excellent after sales service, which is given by the company’s very well-trained and friendly staff.

Products offered by Titan International Ltd

Titan International Ltd Products

The company Offers plenty of products to meet almost every need a client may have. These products are of genuine quality and are built to last. They are also branded products and are imported from world-renowned manufacturers.

Some of the company’s products and their manufacturers can be seen below :

Renewable Energy:

  • Photovoltaic Panels (By Exiom Soltuion)

    These panels convert solar energy into electrical energy and are very energy-efficient. They also reduce the cost of electricity bills significantly.

  • Solar Water Heaters (By Ouraset)

    Solar water heaters work by heating up water using the sun and storing it in a chamber which is insulated, thus keeping the heat inside. These are more energy-efficient than conventional water heaters.

  • Cooling and Heating:

  • Air-Conditioning (by Haier and Hitachi)

    The company provides many alternatives for Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning(H.V.A.C), for domestic, business and industrial uses. Backed-up by world-renowned brands, the products supplied by Titan International Ltd are of the highest quality and are built to last.

  • Underfloor Heating (By Ebeco)

    Heated by a series of elements located underneath the floor, these products are designed to provide passive heating to rooms, a comfortable and warm environment, as well as warm floors for houses and businesses alike.

  • Refrigeration

  • Fridges (By Zanussi)
    The company offers it’s clients a multitude of fridge-types and accessories. The fridges come in different sizes and have different cooling strengths. Some fridges are also equipped with in-built freezers.
  • Freezers (By Zanussi)
    The freezers supplied by Titan International Ltd are designed to keep food frozen. They manage this while also being very energy-efficient, while also coming in a variety of different shapes and sizes.
  • Lifts and Escalators

  • Goods Lifts (By Eleser)
    The company imports lifts which can be used to lift heavy objects such as cars. These lifts are reliable and built to last.
  • Luxury Lifts (By Otis)
    These lifts are made to cater to those who want a little opulence in their lifts. Designed by using the highest-quality materials and finest build-quality, they are the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful house or even perhaps, a lovely block of flats.
  • All-Platform Lifts (By Servelift)
    Lifts designed to be able to access different platforms are necessary nowadays, especially by those who have difficulties in mobility. These lifts are robust and can handle a hefty amount of weight.
  • Modern Lifts (By Doppler)
    For modern buildings, modern lifts are essential. Titan International Ltd supplies it’s clients with lifts, which are very modern while also being tasteful in design.
  • Stair and Platform Lifts (By Estrema)
    These lifts are specifically designed for people with mobility issues. They boast a host of safety features and are reliable and sturdy.

Titan International Ltd and Servicing

Titan International Ltd Servicing

The company is set on ensuring that their clients get the best out of the products purchased from the company. They manage this by having an excellent after-sales service, which is provided by very well-trained staff who have plenty of experience in dealing with customers. The company also caters to the technical needs of different businesses and enterprises.

Some of these businesses can be found below:

  • Banks
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Private Clinics
  • Hospitals and Community Homes
  • Hotels
  • Data Centres
  • Residential Homes

Titan International Ltd Online

The company can be found both on their website, as well as on Facebook. Both links can be found below.

Titan International Ltd’s Website

Titan International Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website. Here you will learn more about the company’s aims and philosophies, as well as find more information about their products and services.

Titan International Ltd on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 12th December 2011 and since then, it has gathered over 1,460 fans. It’s page is full of images showcasing the products made available by Titan International Ltd.

Near Titan International Ltd

The company can be found very close to Nissan Motor Sales and is in fact, just down the road from the car company.

Contact Titan International Ltd

T: (+356) 2134 1697
A: Titan International Ltd., The Lyric, Antonio Bosio Street, Msida, Malta.

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