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Time Square | Sliema, Malta

About Time Square | Bar and Grill


Time Square is a prominent entertainment establishment, situated next to the Sliema promenade. It hosts plenty of events and serves both food and drinks to those either looking to wine and dine, or have a drink with friends. It is lively during the night and less so during the day, lending the charming establishment a relaxing vibe with promise of excitement. Time Square also owns it’s own gelateria which is right next door and this gelateria has a great variety of genuine ice-creams and flavors. Time Square also has a take-out service which lets you enjoy your meals in the comfort of your own home. More over, they will also organize parties and events during both lunch and dinner time.

Events at Time Square


Time Square hosts virtually any kind of event one would enjoy, ranging from football matches on their big screens to birthday parties. Below are some of the events hosted by the establishment :

Sporting Events

Time Square shows various sporting events on their 7 big screens, so you will be able to watch the game from practically every corner of the establishment. Also, separate sporting events can be shown during the same night, ensuring that everyone can support their favorite football team.

Karaoke Nights
Karaoke nights are great fun and are also held here. They’ll be nights to remember, as you and your friends sing along to popular songs. The state-of-the-art sound equipment at Time Square will pick up every word and the sound is crystal clear, ensuring you hear what’s going on every step of the way.

Time Square also caters to plenty of festive events, like New years Eve, with a countdown on their big screens and drinks all around, or even for St. Patrick’s Day, with a themed environment and drinks to match.

The establishment also caters to a wide variety of parties, ranging from staff parties to birthday parties, all of which are memorable thanks to the friendly staff and amazing environment that the place creates.

Food by Time Square

Time Square also caters for those who wish to dine in their restaurant section. They have a large selection of food which will appeal to anyone. It is all prepared by very qualified chefs and served by exceptionally friendly staff. They even cater for children’s needs, with an entire range of food dedicated to kid’s culinary preferences.

Some of their food includes :

Starter Platters
Both Regular and Deep-Pan Pizza
Various kinds Meat
Party Food
Huge Cake Selection

Drinks by Time Square

Time Square also has a bar, which is very well stocked with varieties of soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits which will ensure that everyone finds their favorite drink, every time.

Some drinks which the establishment serves can be found below :

Soft Drinks
Fine Spirits
Pitchers and Shooters
Both Local and Foreign Wines
Over 10 Different Kinds of Beer, Some of Which are Draught
Colorful Cocktails
Hot Beverages

Time Square Online

Time Square can be found on online on Youtube.

Time Square on Youtube

The video above shows the many different events, food and drinks which Time Square serves. It also shows you the large premises which can easily fit plenty of people, enjoying drinks and eating with friends and family alike.

Near Time Square

Right next to Time Square, you can find the Preluna Hotel and directly opposite, Il-Fortizza.

Contact Time Square

T: (+356)2134 0678
A: 127, Tower Road, Sliema, SLM 1605

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