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The First Years – Baby and Kids Shop


Suppliers of quality baby and kids products in Hamrun, Malta

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The First Years Baby and Kids shop in Hamrun Malta has been established in Malta for many years both as a retailer and a distributor of some of the most reputable brands. There is indeed a number of things that distinguishes The First Years baby and kids shop in Hamrun from other baby and kids retailers and distributors in Malta. The first and probably most important is their commitment to not simply supplying the product The First Years is service driven, with each product you purchase, you are supplied with ample advice and education with regards to the proper use, care and maintenance of the product.

Best priced quality baby and kids products

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Of all the things in our life that take center stage, our children are probably the most important of all. This is why at The First Years you will find not only most of the leading brands catering to all your needs but you will find them at unbeatable prices!

The First Years guarantees to meet or beat any price on the island.

Add to that a guaranteed unparalleled level of service, a wealth of advice and information and you know that the best place for your baby and child needs will only be met by The First years. Everyone knows how important it is to know how to maintain and use products properly, as an example for our safety we ensure that our cars are maintained, breaks checked etc. Why would you do any less for your children? Simply owning a safety product or any baby or child product is not enough! This is why staff at The First Years are trained on all product to ensure your child’s safety.

Some baby and kids brands you can find at The First Years

Tommee Tippee products Malta

3 Tommee-Tippee-Products-Malta
You can find Tommee Tippee a well known and very reputable brand at the First Years baby shop in Malta, which is the official agent for Tommee Tippee products in Malta.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding and Pumping products for mothers

4 Lansinoh-breastfeeding-products-Malta
Nearly 30 years ago a mom embarked on what would become Lansinoh, a brand dedicated to helping breastfeeding moms. With a range of products and support from soothing lanolin to breastfeeding pumps and accessories the Lansinoh brand is synonymous with top quality, comfortable and reputable products. The First years Baby shop is not only a retailer for the brand but also the importer and distributor of Lansinoh, as always The First Years staff are fully trained and able to assist you with matching the right product to your needs as well as the best way to use it and maintain it.

Bright Starts Baby and Children Toys in Malta

5 Bright-Starts-Baby-and-Childrens-Toys-Malta
The First Years stocks a wide variety of Baby and Children Toys, the Bright Starts range is one of the leading brands, dedicated to delivering great products that are designed to delight babies while providing exceptional value for parents. Their products are born from a relentless dedication to bringing you the highest quality, innovative and relevant products possible. Smiles, giggles and happy babies is what really motivates the team at Bright Starts.

Bright Starts has a large portfolio of award-winning products and at The First Years, you will also find many other baby and children toys and products from reputable brands.

Pushchairs, Prams, Car Seats and Accessories – Neo Nato and other brands

6  Neo-Nato-Pushchairs-prams-car-seats-and-accessories
The First Years baby shop stocks a wide variety of pushchairs, buggies, prams, car seats and related products and accessories in their outlet in Hamrun, Malta. The Neo Nato brand is an excellent reliable cost effective brand, however, The First Years also supplies many other reliable brands and remember they will beat or match any price add to that their level of service both at time of sale as well as after sales and you need look nowhere else for your baby and children needs.

Baby Italia – Baby and Children Furniture – Malta

7 Baby-Italia-Baby-and-Children-Furniture-Malta
The First Years provides clients with a wide variety of baby and children’s furniture. From cots to full furniture sets you will most definitely find what you need at competitive pricing and no compromise on quality. Baby Italia is one of the leading brands you will find available amongst other reputable brands.

360 Rotating Car Seats in Malta

8 360-Rotating-Baby-Car-Seat-Malta
This is one of those awesome products that make your life much easier, any parent will tell you that whilst a normal car seat will do the job of keeping your child safe, the convenience of having a car seat you can rotate is phenomenal. If you never heard of this product you would not miss it, however, once you have you will want one every time you put or take your child out of the car. As a parent myself that did not have one of these nifty 360 Rotating car seats I can assure you it is a small extra expense worth making.

Nursing Bras – Maternity Wear – Chezmam by Chezelle

9 Chezmam-Nursing-bras-Maternity-Wear
At The First Years you will not only find products for babies and children but also for the mother and mother to be, Chezmam is one of the reputable brands with organic and antibacterial mother baby products. For all your mother and mother to be maternity wear needs you should visit or contact The First Years for more information.

Baby’s and Children’s Educational Toys by Vtech and other brands

10 Vtech-toys-for-baby-and-child-malta
Vtech is one of the leaders in baby and child toys with a strong focus on educational toys, you will find this brand and other brands at The First Years baby and kids shop in Hamrun as well as on their website.

The First Years Baby and Kids shop – Online

The First Years – Babies n Toys Website

11 Babies-n-toys-by-The-First-Years-Malta
The First Years not only retailers but also imports and distributes excellent brands and products, their pricing is highly competitive and they can match or beat just any price in Malta like for like. Click the image above to visit

The First Years Hamrun, Malta on Facebook

Contact The First Years – Hamrun, Malta

A: Triq il-Kapillan Mifsud Street, HMR1852 Il-Hamrun, Malta
T: +356 21 245 997

The First Years on the Map in Hamrun, Malta

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