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Thaibaipo Spa

Beauty Parlour in Sliema, Malta

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About Thaibaipo Spa in Sliema, Malta

The company provides it’s clients with unique Thaibaipo massages. The art of Thaibaipo (a massaging technique straight from Thailand) is a tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation. It is very popular with both women and men and the company’s treatments are provided by experienced Thai ladies. These ladies have been trained in Thailand and have learned to be sensitive to your body’s needs. Their massages range from massages for relaxation purposes, to massages used to reduce muscle and joint pains. The rooms in which you will be pampered are very private and surrounding these rooms, is a very bright and beautiful premises. Some of the more popular services the company provides is the “full-body” massage, however, it’s other services are requested quite often, such as pedicures and manicures.

Thaibaipo has a staff of very well trained and professional Thai ladies, and this ensures that your own privacy and dignity are respected.

They are very experienced in providing you with soothing and relaxing massages. Furthermore, they have studied the techniques and practised their craft in the Temple School in Thailand.

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You can tailor-make your massage to your desires, making them either very vigorous to loosen up your muscles, or perhaps slow and deep, to relax your body to it’s very core. You can also choose to make use of oils supplied by the company. Sport massages, stiffness massages, and plenty of other massage-types can be asked for and will be delivered by professional hands.

The company also offers other services, like waxing or manicuring and even pedicures or facials. All these services are delivered at a very reasonable price.

Click the Youtube video below for further information about the spa.

Massage and Services offered at Thaibaipo Spa in Sliema

3 thai massage

  • Full Body Massage One Hour
  • Thai Traditional Massage (without oil) – €40.00
  • Stress and Stiff Massage (Release Pain) – €40.00
  • Thai Oil Massage – €35.00
  • Back, Head, Shoulder Massage(30 Minutes)- €23.00
  • Reflexology, Foot Massage (1 Hour) – €35.00
  • Manicure – €20.00
  • Pedicure – With Skin Removal – €25.00
  • Facial (Matis Products) Thai Style – €35.00
  • Waxing – Depends On Area

Massages at Thaibaipo Spa

4 massage
At Thaibaipo Spa, the massages range for relaxation purposes and for massages used to reduce muscle and joint pains.

Manicures at Thaibaipo Spa

5 Manicure
At Thaibaipo Spa, they have other beauty treatments available such as Manicures. They treat the hands and nails to a hand massage which includes filing, shaping and the application of nail polish or extensions.

Pedicures at Thaibaipo Spa

6 pedicures
A treat for your feet starts with a foot massage and then filing, shaping of toenails. The application of nail polish is also available at Thaibaipo Spa.

Facials and Waxing at Thaibaipo

7 facials waxing
Why not treat yourself to a facial, it is a good way of taking care of your skin while also relaxing with a facial massage. At Thaibaipo Spa as well as offering facials they also offer waxing method of removing unwanted hair.

All these services are delivered in a modern, luxurious and spacious environment, within private rooms.

Thaibaipo Spa Online

Thaibaipo Spa can be found on it’s own website, as well as on Facebook and Youtube. Links to these sites can be found below.

Thaibaipo Spa’s Website


The image above will take you to the spa’s website, where you can find the prices of the various services on offer mentioned above in the article, as well as some more information about the company.

Thaibaipo on Facebook

Near Thaibaipo Spa

Betting Connections Recruitment Solutions and Scotts Supermarket can both be found in the same road as Thaibaipo Spa.

Find Thaibaipo Spa in Sliema on the map

A: 51, Amery Street, Sliema
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