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Tex Mex American Bar and Grill | Sliema, Malta

About Tex Mex

We chose the image above with good reason, Tex Mex American Bar and Grill are truly The original and best at what they do; leaders in their niche. You would be hard pressed not to have heard about Tex-Mex American bar and grill in Sliema, if you have not tried their delicious food or partook in their entertainment at some point or another you have surely heard about them.

If we had to describe Tex Mex in one single sentence one could dexcribe Tex Mex as a Steak House, Rib & Burger Joint also offering Specialty Pasta & More. Tex Mex transforms into a Lounge Club by night

Food and Drink at Tex Mex Bar and Grill in Sliema, Malta

For a peek at their full menu click the image above to visit the Tex Mex menu on their website or if you want to know what we have to say about it read on.

Tex Mex, a perfect fusion of Texan and Mexican food, the menu at Tex Mex American bar and grill is a true representation of the cuisine with a local twist. At the heart of this bar and grill’s menu one will find many Tex Mex dishes, however the menu actually reaches beyond the cuisine it represents to ensure that if you bring a friend along and they are looking for something a little more Mediterranean in flavour and origin they will not be disappointed.

Furthermore meats are sourced and processed to be the best around even if that means twisting the cuisine ever so slightly. As an example Tex Mex remains true to the American cuisine with large, juicy, tasty 250 gram pure beef burgers such as THE RINGER: BLUEBERRY CHIPOTLE CHEESE & ONION RING BBQ BURGER however they step beyond by using WAGYU beef which is produced from the same cattle breed known for producing the legendary Kobe beef of Japan. The beef is of exceptional quality, the cows raised and fed in a very special way to ensure the juiciest and healthiest for their customers.

To fail to mention their legendary ribs would be a disservice to them and you! However with the ribs why not let them speak for themselves? Their reputation does indeed precede them.

Another example of the menu taking us to slightly more local Mediterranean cuisine is the MEDITERRANEAN TUNA STEAK and a few of the pasta and rice dishes available which are very popular with both locals and foreigners alike.

To the other extreme however Tex Mex also offers extremely traditional Mexican food such as their range of Quesadilla’s which are purely a Mexican food as are a number of other tasty dishes on the menu. The fusion of three cuisines perfectly executed and merged under one roof is truly what makes Tex Mex one of a kind, a perfect blend of some of the most satisfying cuisines.

The portions are generous and leaving with your hunger unsatisfied is somewhat of an impossibility even for those with a voracious appetite.

Snacks at Tex Mex Bar and Grill

The one thing that has never ceased to amaze me about Tex Mex is how it morphs from being a great place to dine to a great place to grab a quick snack all the way into a location buzzing with life later on in the day when you just want to relax, kick back and have a drink with friends. The transitions are perfectly executed and even if you happen to be around in the cross over times you will still get exactly what you went there for.
The snack menu is packed with delicious food and just like their main menu it has a great fusion of food which this time also extends into one more cuisine: British continental, whilst breakfast in America is in some cases similar to Great Britain they are not quite one and the same which is why you can choose between an English Breakfast, a Mediterranean Breakfast, a Full blessed traditional Texan style breakfast or if you are looking for something Mexican in taste you should definitely try out their cheesy and nutritious Huevos Rancheros.

Photos of Tex Mex Food

Clicking the image below will take you directly to a gallery of Tex Mex’s mouth watering photos of the delicious food that awaits you there.
Tex Mex Food Pictures Malta

Tex Mex the Bar

As the night progresses Tex Mex American Bar and Grill morphs into an entertainment hot spot with pretty Cocktails, hard liquor and fine wines all available at this establishment you are surely not going to find yourself parched. The only problem we foresee is too many choices to make and welcome distraction from the ongoing entertainment and fun atmosphere.


For many the bar is not only a place to pop in for a drink but a special get away from all the troubles of the every day hum drum, from the Premier League Barclay’s cup making an appearance at the establishment to hosting top models and there ever popular ladies nights as well as live and unplugged sessions you will not be disappointed.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page below for their latest events.

Tex Mex American Bar and Grill Online

Tex Mex Bar and Grill on Latest Updates on Facebook

Tex Mex Bar and Grill Website

The image above will link you to the Tex Mex Malta Website, you will find all the information you need and the website is truly exceptionally designed, easy to navigate and whilst we rarely say this we do give the website a big thumbs up. You can also order online.

Tex Mex American Bar and Grill Video

What better way to learn more about Tex Mex than a quick video, click the play button below and take a quick peek into what Tex Mex Malta is all about.

Contact Tex Mex American Bar and Grill

A: 89, The Strand, Sliema
T: 21339247

Tex Mex Malta on the Map with GPS Co-Ordinates

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