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Ta’ Pavia Traditional Nougat Malta

Iz-Zabbari Hawn – Qubbajt u Gulepp Tal-Harrub

Ta Pavia Nougat and Carob Syrup

If you have ever been to a local festa of which we have a few in Malta; you have probably sunk your teeth into some delicious traditional Maltese nougat, if you haven’t … you’re missing out!

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of what Traditional Maltese Nougat is all about. If you are visiting this page from abroad don’t worry it is only the first 25 seconds or so that are in Maltese as they are sung by a local traditional “ghannej” the rest of the video is all in English.

As you may already know there are two types of Maltese Nougat, the brittle nougat which is extremely sweet and utterly delicious but hard and the sof nougat.  The brittle caramel nougat is generally combined with other ingredients the most common being nuts or sesame seeds.

Brittle Caramel Maltese Nougat – Qubbajt Iebes

The choice is completely yours but at All Malta online we tend to be a bit split between soft nougat and hard nougat; for me the traditional sesame seed brittle nougat is my favourite by leaps and bounds and my colleague says the nutty brittle caramel naugat is to die for even if a little harder to crunch on then the softer nougats. With well over 30 years of delighting Maltese and foreign taste buds Ta’ Pavia have gotten the recipe right and for many it is not just a sweet but part of their childhood.

Traditional Soft Maltese Nougat

Soft and delicious, this traditional nougat made by Ta’ Pavia is very popular with children and the elderly, easy to chew through full of delicious ingredients and most importantly of all made to the traditional recipe that has stood the test of time. As you will see below the soft nougat also comes in a number of other flavours and that is great if you happen to specifically like variety or be in the mood for a particular flavor but as far as rubber stamping goes, we recommend trying the traditional variety first.

Traditional Soft Maltese Nougat in different flavours

If you are looking to experiment a little and love tasting different things you should probably give the peppermint flavour a go but if you are into your chocolate we are sure you will enjoy sinking your teeth into the chocolate flavoured traditional Maltese nougat. If you’re on holiday and feel like being a little local try asking for Qubbajt (ooh – Bait) tal (as it sounds) banana (it’s the same in Maltese as it is in English. We could have used exact phonetics but we figured it’s a festa, there’s fireworks, music and fun so just follow the instructions and you’ll get your hands on some delicious nougat; the worst thing we can see happening is you getting strawberry or vanilla flavoured nougat instead and let’s be honest if that’s the worst thing that can happen … it’s a pretty great thing!

Traditional Maltese Carob Syrup – Gulepp tal-Harrub

You may just have to fight a local for this one or a tourist that know’s what’s what if you’re a local. Carob syrup is renowned for health benefits and a sweet delicious taste to rival the best tasting honeys. Ta’ Pavia has been supplying carob syrup to the local market for over three decades, this natural is truly worth waiting in line for, mix it with your tea, or use it as an alternative to sugar on your morning porridge or just go ahead and spoon a little on your tongue. Our favourite use of carob syrup is to put a little on strong cheeses especially blue cheese and extremely sharp cheddar the flavour profile is amazing especially when paired with a nice Port of full bodied red.

Contact Ta’ Pavia Nougat

C: Rodney Pavia
M: 79203540 / 99807830
A: 6, Biccieni Alley, Żabbar
H: 24/7



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