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St Catherine Caterers

Wedding and Outdoor Catering in Malta

St Catherine Caterers sell cakes, pastries and sweets, as well as provide outside catering and wedding catering.

About St Catherine Caterers

St Catherine’s Caterers was founded by Mr Angelo Vella. With a family long established in catering, Mr Vella wished to build his own business. Starting out from Traditional Maltese Bread, the bakery soon became known for its unique quality and taste, later on branching out with new products and services. Today, St Catherine Caterers supply over 100 confectioneries in Malta and Gozo, as well as cater for weddings and events requiring outside catering.

Products by St. Catherine Caterers

Mouth-watering sweet delicacies, gateaus, fancy cakes, custom cakes, and dry pastries are all lovingly baked by St Catherine Caterers. The bakery also supplies finger foods and pastries for snacking and any other occassion.

Weddings and Outside Catering in Malta

St Catherine Caterers offer five different party set menus, as well as five diverse wedding reception menus to meet every budget.

St Catherine Caterers Logo

St Catherine Caterers Address

13, Triq il-Biccieni, Haz Zabbar, Malta

Near St Catherine Caterers

St Catherine’s Caterers is situated on the third right from Notre Dame Gate in Haz Zabbar.

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