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Wine barrels -  Chen Weizhong,
Wine production was introduced by the Phoenicians. The wine taste and methods have been the same since, it was only recently that a variety in Maltese wine were produced. Two Maltese wines one should try is the red wine from Ġellewza grapes and for white wine from Għirgentina grapes, both grown locally in Maltese vineyards. Every year wine festivals are held in Valletta as well as wine tasting tours are organised in various wineries in Malta.


Maltese Liqueurs Michele Sarlo,
Traditional Maltese Liqueurs have a variety of flavours such as Honey, Prickly pear, Lemon and so many more. The Prickly pear liqueur has a sweet and delicate flavour, which can be enjoyed chilled, neat or poured in champagne. Another traditional Liqueur is the ‘Amarettu’ with a distictive flavour of almonds for sweets, pastries and cocktails. These liqueurs are very popular with tourists and locals alike as they are made from Maltese ingredients, producing unique flavours.


Kinnie is a Maltese carbonated soft drink with a taste of bitter oranges, aromatic herbs, vanilla and ginseng. The drink’s particular taste reflects Malta’s warm summer evenings. Kinnie can also be mixed with Gin, Rum or Negroni. The drink is exported to various countries as it gains more popularity. There is also a diet version Kinnie Zest with a stronger orange taste and another Kinnie Vita which is sweetened with sugar and stevia leaf extract.

Cisk Lager

Cisk Lager
Malta’s popular lager, Cisk is a bottom fermented lager with a rich hop aroma and pleasant bitterness, making it a thirst-quencher. Cisk Lager tastes the best in Malta’s village bars where one can experience the local atmosphere.

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