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Solar Film by A.S. Supplies

Solar Films in San Gwann

AS Supplies Solar Film Building

About Solar Film

Solar Film is a self-adhesive film that anyone can stick to their windows to instantly decrease energy costs and increase comfort! Solar film is sold by A.S. Supplies which has been in business for 30 years bringing cutting edge innovation to customers. With a focus on top quality material and punctual delivery they have built up a significant client base and a range of great products to improve your life.

Solar film works by reflecting solar heat, glare and dangerous UV light from your windows, whilst still allowing sunlight to shine through. A.S. Supplies sells a variety of solar films, each with different properties of how much heat is reflected and how much light is let in. For example on offer are films that are near totally transparent and those that are very tinted.



AS Suppliers light transmission

Benefits of Solar Film

There are plenty of benefits to solar film. It will easily cut your energy costs as heat from the sun is blocked, thus minimising the need for excess air conditioning and maintaining a cool even temperature across rooms and homes. Next, prolonged exposure to UV rays have been shown to cause a variety of health issues, you wont have to worry about this thanks to Solar Film as it blocks out 99% of all harmful UV rays. Finally, with the reduction of glare a workplace can become more efficient as the sun wont interfere with a worker’s eyes or monitors, furniture will not sustain damage from being exposed to the sun as the glare and ray is reflected and with the tinted model, you can also provide yourself the same privacy you would get from a tinted vehicle.



AS Suppliers Uses


Solar film can be used anywhere with windows with high exposure to the sun. Perfect for shop windows to minimise furniture damage and increase comfort of your customer, offices to minimise glare and cool the office more efficiently and even private homes thanks to the tinted version of Solar Film.

Find Solar Films by A.S. Supplies in San Gwann

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