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Shirley Cauchi

Health & Fitness in Mqabba, Malta

Shirley Cauchi


About Shirley Cauchi in Mqabba, Malta

As a Holistic Health Coach graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and as a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, her main work is integrating nutrition, lifestyle, relationships and more – a ‘whole-istic’ approach to living courageously and spontaneously.

During her healing massages she uses various methods of body-work that she has learnt over the years. This consists of an eclectic mix of various contemporary massage techniques and techniques used in traditional eastern medical systems like cupping and moxibustion. She invocates and allows the divine force to inspire her movements and take over if you will, bringing about deep inner energetic and tissue change in the areas under treatment.

Sensitive to the afflictions of others and having a natural aptitude for humanitarian work from a very young age, Shirley always had this inner quality to help, listen and guide others in their everyday concerns. Passionate on food and exercise, and curious by nature, Shirley explored and studied and experimented with various systems of health and healing; traditional foods whilst growing up, moving on to vegetarianism for many years, on to Macrobiotics. It was Macrobiotics which really connected to the way she looks at and lives in harmony with nature and the environment. This, together with her love for physical exercise pushed her to study Personal Training and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultancy with the American Council on Exercise, which gave her the tools to understand the workings of the body-mind.

Having studied beauty therapy in order to understand the aging process, and what can be done about it, she moved on to study massage therapies on the suggestion of her dearest. Because of her attraction towards everything Eastern, especially Traditional Chinese Medicine, she took up Tui-Na massage and other Eastern and Western massage techniques. Today, in working with her clients, she uses her knowledge in these various techniques together with her intuition and her innate healing abilities. She support her clients in balancing the foods on their plate which she does by exploring with the client the various dietary approaches and seeing what works best individually, but also assists the client in balancing their ‘primary foods’; their relationships, career, physical movement and spirituality. It is a case where the client is looked after physically, mentally and emotionally often also supported by Yoga, breathing and visualization sessions, and massage therapy.

The feeling is one of deep physical relaxation and emotional surrender, and these healing effects are still felt days later.

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C: Shirley Cauchi

T: 27432499
M: 99846605
A: 37, Triq il-Fjuri, Mqabba
H: By Appointment

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