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Salmon | Malta

Salamun | Malta


About Salmon

Salamun is the Maltese version of Salmon. They are found in the Northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, most types of salmon are born in fresh water, migrate to the open sea and return to freshwater to reproduce. There are five species of salmon all different in appearance.

– King Salmon is also known as Chinook salmon. It is considered the best-tasting of the salmon species, having a very high fat content and rich flesh that ranges from white to a deep red color. King salmon can live up to seven years. They reproduce in large rivers and streams and in deep.

– Red Salmon are also known as Sockeye salmon, which are famous for their bright red-orange flesh and deep rich flavor. Spawning occurs in rivers and in lakes. They spend one to three years in freshwater before migrating.

– Coho salmon are also called silver salmon, famous for their silvery skin. They have bright red flesh and a slightly more delicate texture than the King Salmon. Coho Salmon spend one or two years in freshwater before migrating to sea

– Pink Salmon is the most common Pacific salmon. They have very light colored flesh and a low fat content. Pink salmon are often canned, but also sold fresh, frozen, and smoked. It is the smallest and most abundant of the species.

– Chum Salmon is also called dog salmon for its dog-like teeth. It weighs about up to 8 pounds having a pale to medium coloured flesh with a lower fat content. Chum is usually canned or sold frozen to foreign markets.

How is Salmon caught

Salmon is caught in the Atlantic and Pacific using drift nets and fixed nets. Most Salmon that is imported into Malta is from farmed net pens in countries like Ireland, Norway and other Atlantic European countries.

Health benefits of Salmon

Whilst Salmon does have a number of health benefits, like most rich foods it is best eaten in moderation.
– It provides a good source of vitamins, proteins and minerals.
– Helps maintain insulin levels.
– Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, colon, prostate and kidney cancers.
– Improves brain functions like memory and efficency.
– Helps prevent loss of vision.
– Helps maintain healthy skin and hair.

Cooking Methods for Salmon

Salmon can be cooked in a variety of ways such as
– Pan fryed Salmon served with a side salad or some rice
– Grilled teriyaki salmon served with vegetables and rice.
– Baked salmon with almonds, capers and parsley salad.
– Poached Salmon served with carrots, celery and onions.

Where to buy Salmon in Malta

You can buy Salmon in Malta at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera, as well as many other fresh products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands and fresh foods, so there’s always something for everyone.

Park Towers host a “Tropical Week” once every year, where tropical fruits and related products are cheaper, while still being as fresh as you have come to expect from Park Towers.

Park Towers Supermarkets | St Venera | San Giljan Malta

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