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Ron’s Tyre Service

Tyre Services in Malta

rons tyre service

About Ron’s Tyre Service

Ron’s Tyre Service specialises on Tyre service and repairs. They have a wide range of products related to cars beside tyres, anything you need for your car they have. The staff at Ron’s Tyre service are ready to help in whatever you need with quality service second to none.

Tyre Sales, Repairs & Wheel balancing service

Tyres from Ron’s Tyre service are of good quality that enable car performance. The wheel is made to be a flexible rubber cushion against the road to absorb shock. It is also recommended to keep a spare in the boot. Most tyre repairs should be handled by the trained staff at Ron’s Tyre service. Unbalanced tyres cause the car to wobble due to unbalanced air pressure and so wheel balancing is the solution which is provided by Ron’s Tyre Service.

Alloy Wheels

alloy wheels
The rims of the wheels are usually made of aluminium or magnesium. They are lighter but offer strength, better heat conduction and an improved appearance on the wheel. The staff at Ron’s Tyre Service can show you a variety of alloy wheels of different designs that will make the wheels of your car look better.

Motor oils and Car Accessories

Motor oils and accessories
Ron’s Tyre Service has a variety of motor oils and car lubricants for the smooth running of your car. Some of the car accessories you may find at Ron’s Tyre service include car stereos and speakers, car fuses, car mats, car covers, shades, car polish and cloths. Just ask the staff at Ron’s Tyre service, they are sure to help you out in whatever you need for your car.

Contact Ron’s Tyre Service

A: 1, Triq il-Merhba, Fgura
T: 2740 7880 / 9940 7880
H: Mon – Fri 6am – 6pm, Sat 6am – 4pm, Sun 7am – 1pm

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