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Renting a Compact Vehicle in Malta

About Renting a Compact Vehicle in Malta

Compact Car Rentals Malta

A car is a must if you wish to explore the Maltese islands like a local. A compact car offers you great gas mileage, so costs on fuel are not much. Refuelling in Malta is not expensive either, so that’s another plus. Apart from this, compact cars are very easy to drive, an advantage if you are not used to driving on the left or if you’re not very familiar with the roads. Due to their ideal size, they are also easy to park in areas which see a lot of traffic. There’s sufficient signage on the roads indicating parking regulations; following these ensures that you’re safely and legally parked.

Whilst smaller by definition, compact cars are still very roomy, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless. A Hyundai i20, a Chevrolet Aveo or a Peugeot 208, is perfect for blissful rides around the islands. There’s no need to worry about space either; your luggage can fit easily in a compact car.

If you’re not one for crowds, then get in your rented car and explore places that are not reachable on the usual tourist bus routes. Meandering country lanes can lead to some stunning views, soak in the rugged terrain and follow some less-known roads for breathtaking vistas and amazing cliff faces.

Where can I rent a compact vehicle in Malta?

Freeways Auto Rentals

C: Josef Borg
T: 21575267 | M: 79591768 / 79309689
A: 30, Horatio Nelson Street, Qawra
H: 24/7

About Freeways Auto Rentals


Freeways Auto Rental has been in business for many years and past customers have nothing but good things to say regardless of where you search for review about them. If you are seeking reliable and affordable car hire along with friendly service you will not be disappointed. They have a considerable variety of cars available to suit your needs from mini vans to sub compact and SUV’s you will find the vehicle you need.

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