Renting a 7 seater in Malta

About Renting a 7 or 8 seater van in Malta

Trips around the islands can be much more fun when travelling all together. A seven seater offers ample space for all passengers and are great if you’re travelling in a group or as a large family. Prepare some games for the road and you’re in for some memorable fun!

If you’re unsure whether to go for a minibus or a seven seater, then you may wish to take parking and the ease of driving on Maltese roads into consideration. A seven seater is much easier to park than a minibus: a plus when considering that parking in main areas can be quite the chore. You can rest assured that a seven seater will still fit in small parking lots. This also applies to driving around Malta; a seven seater would be easier to manage.

A seven seater Peugeot partner or Kia Sedona offers you all the comfort when travelling in Malta as a group of friends or family. A power steering makes it easy to drive and air-conditioning comes in very handy in beating the summer heat. A seven seater also makes coordinating outings amongst a big group easy: there’s no time wasted waiting for public transport, vying for available seats, or booking multiple taxis. With a rented seven seater, sticking to your holiday itinerary as a large group is possible.


Where can I rent a 7 seater in Malta?

Freeways Auto Rentals

C: Josef Borg
T: 21575267 | M: 79591768 / 79309689
A: 30, Horatio Nelson Street, Qawra
H: 24/7

About Freeways Auto Rentals

Freeways Auto Rental has been in business for many years and past customers have nothing but good things to say regardless of where you search for review about them. If you are seeking reliable and affordable car hire along with friendly service you will not be disappointed. They have a considerable variety of cars available to suit your needs from mini vans to sub compact and SUV’s you will find the vehicle you need.

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