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Rational Combi Steamers

About Rational Combi Steamers in Malta, Qormi

Welcome to Rational Combi Steamers page on All Malta Online.

For us, whitefficiency means deriving the maximum benefits from everything we use, whether it be time, energy, water, space or raw materials.
A holistic approach to business.
• Minimises consumption of energy, water, space and time
• Minimises waste
• Reduces the use of raw materials
• Guarantees top food quality every time
• Comprehensive service for the entire product life

We see whitefficiency as a holistic approach. It starts at the product development stage. Here we work together with universities to research innovative solutions aimed at minimising consumption of resources. This extends into our environmentally-certified production and even applies to our resource-friendly sales logistics and to the return and recycling of our old units.

With our units, a large proportion of the consumption of energy, water or time is eliminated right from the outset through the optimal utilisation of these units.

If we consider that a SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency with its tiny footprint replaces 40-50 % of all conventional cooking appliances, such as ovens, hot air units, tilting pans, boilers, steamers or grills, it soon becomes clear why the word “efficiency” is part of its name.

Lastly, for us, whitefficiency means always being at your side. Our comprehensive service ensures that you derive the maximum possible benefits from your investment right from the start – and continue to do so for the entire product life.

Contact Rational Combi Steamers in Malta, Qormi

C: Charles Pace
T: 21497706 / 21447904
A: WorldWide Co. Ltd., Valletta Road, Qormi

Find Rational Combi Steamers in Malta, Qormi

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