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Panta Lesco | Malta, Msida

About Panta Lesco | Renewable Energy Solution and General Goods

Panta Lesco About

Panta Lesco has over 30 years-worth of experience in supplying it’s customers with quality general and specialized goods. The company strives to deliver exceptional customer service and do their very best to offer genuine advice as to what product should be used for any given situation. They also provide a number of renewable energy products which are of the highest quality and have many uses in today’s modern household.

Solar-Energy Products By Panta Lesco

Panta Lesco Solar Energy

The company provides it’s clients with a good range of very well-made solar-energy products. These products are designed to withstand large quantities of heat and can be installed on virtually any roof or open area. The brands they import are Thermosun and Micron.

Some of the products Panta Lesco offers can be found below:

Solar Water Heaters:
These water heaters work by using sunlight to heat a set of pipes up and transfer heat to water flowing through those same pipes. The now-heated water is pushed into a specialized tank, which is designed to prevent heat-loss. This ensures that the user has hot water ready at hand.

Photovoltaic Panels:
PV panels are used to generate usable electricity by means of sunlight absorption. This electricity can be used to either power houses or to feed the local electricity grid. The company’s products are well built and are designed to withstand even the harshest of environments.

Underfloor Heating:
The company provides a product which, by means of liquid flowing through channels, heats up during the day and remains warm during the night. This cycle continues and keeps the room warmed by passive means, as well as keeping the floor warm.

Air-conditioning Products by Panta Lesco

Panta Lesco Air Conditioning

Panta Lesco supplies plenty of products for it’s customers. When it comes to A/C units however, the company only provides the best. It imports very well-known brands such as Mitsubishi and TCL. These products are made and finished to the highest of standards and are designed to last. The company also imports plenty of different types of A/C Units, which can be used both for domestic purposes as well as for industrial ones.

Some of the different types of air-conditioning units available can be found below :

Residential Air-conditioning:
From wall-mounted units to concealed ceiling units and many others, these products are made available by the company for a reasonable price.

Commercial Air-conditioning(VRF):
Panta Lesco also caters to the needs of industrial sectors and provides them with plenty of A/C unit options, including floor standing units, cassette units, ceiling units among many others.

Jet Towel:
These dry hands in mere seconds and are sanitary and easy to maintain.

Dehumidifiers extract water from the air, leaving air clean, filtered and fresh.

Other Products and Brands From Panta Lesco

Panta Lesco Other Product Brands

Panta Lesco did not restrict themselves to just a few segments of the industry. They grew and broadened their vision by branching out and supplying customers with other products. They did so to be able to help their customers have the best quality products at hand, every-time they visit.

Some of Panta Lesco’s other products and services can be found below:

Water Treatment: (By ProMinent and ProMaqua among others)
Ranging from reverse-osmosis to water purifying treatments, the company ensures that all their client’s needs are catered for.

Power-Tools: (By Hilti)
The world-renowned brand Hilti is famous for it’s power-tools. Panta Lesco recognised the quality the brand had to offer and started stocking them to provide the best possible for their customers. from jiggers to rotary saws, clients will definitely find something to fit their needs.

Communication and PABX Systems: (By Selta, Soft-ex, Teledex and others)
These products make internal communications easier and come in a vast range of shapes, designs and sizes.

Fire Fighting Equipment: (By Victualic, Reliable, Spray Safe and more)
From sprinklers to hose-reel mechanism, the company supplies a comprehensive list of fire righting equipment, as well as advice on how best to use or where to place them.

Panta Lesco Online

The company can be found on it’s own website, as well as on Facebook. Both links can be found in the sections below.

Panta Lesco’s Website

Panta Lesco Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about the company, it’s projects, it’s products and services as well as it’s aims and goals.

Panta Lesco on Facebook Latest Updates

Near Panta Lesco

The company can be found just down the road from iLab Malta Ltd.

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