Our Favourite Beaches in Malta

Sandy and Rocky Beaches in Malta

Golden Bay

Golden Bay (11) viewingmalta.com
Golden Bay is also known as Golden sands, as it is filled with golden sand, it is one of the most popular sandy beaches in the north of the island among locals and tourists alike. The bay offers amenities such as restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas for hire and various water sport activities. On the left of the beach one can find an old Watch Tower built in 1637 by the knights. In the Summer for safety reasons, there are lifeguards on duty as the area is known for undercurrents, having strings of buoys and lifelines in case of difficulty as well as signifying safe swimming zone. There is also a five star hotel overlooking the beach offering acomodation and leisure activities. The bay offers spectacular sunsets that is also a popular bay for evening barbecues.

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay (8) viewingmalta.com
Għajn Tuffieħa is the bay just next to Golden Bay, also known as Riviera. At Għajn Tuffieħa, to arrive to the beach one has to descend a staircase. The Bay is filled with red sand, as it can be rough the sandy beach area is smaller than the neighbouring bay. As the beach is small and often visited by locals and tourists, it can be crowded much quicker. This location also offers a nice country walk in the summer after a swim offering very rare beautiful sea views.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay viewingmalta.com
In the North of Malta just before taking the road to the Gozo Ferry, is a side road that leads to Paradise Bay. A small beach which is very popular among locals and tourists, that it can get crowded quickly. The beach offers clear blue water, good for snorkeling and is considered one of the safest beaches. Paradise Bay is a popular venue for beach parties which are held annually. A restaurant is also available at the beach serving hot and cold food, drinks and more. Sunbeds, Umbrellas and canoes are also available on hire. Paradise Bay offers a perfect getaway for peace and appreciation of nature as well as providing a views of Comino.

Ghadira Bay

Ghadira Bay (8) Clive Vella Viewingmalta.com
The longest sandy beach in Malta, is also known as Mellieha Bay, is another popular beach in the north of the island. Located on the Coast road leading to the Cirkewwa, Gozo Ferry. The beach is very safe as there are no undercurrents, a perfect beach for families which is enclosed by lifelines and buoys for swimming areas. At Ghadira Bay, one can hire a sunbed and umbrella to protect you from the Sun’s rays. Water sports is also available such as water skiing, canoes, pedal boats and more fun games. One can enjoy the evenings by the beach as there are various beach bars, cafeterias and restaurants.

Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi (6) Mario Galea viewingmalta.com
Ghar Lapsi is located in Siggiewi, local fishermen named the place Ghar Lapsi because they built a shrine there. As you go down to the beach one can see fishing boats, as it is a popular spot among local fishermen. It is a natural rocky beach with a cave, that serves as a shelter from the sun. The area is not so good for sunbathing so it is mostly enjoyable for a swim. Ghar lapsi offers clear water thats good for those who like snorkeling, diving and tourists. Ghar Lapsi is very popular with divers for the reefs it provides and various fish one can see such as seahorses, eels, rays and many more others. There are boat houses that are also snack bars during summer months.

St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter's Pool (3)
A natural pool located close to Marsaxlokk at the tip of Delimara point in the South of Malta. St Peter’s Pool is not the easiest beach to find but it well worth the trip. St Peter’s Pool offers crystal clear water with beautiful blues and aquamarine colours that offer a good opportunity for snorkeling. Since the beach is rocky and flat its ideal for sunbathing while the high rocks can be shelter from the strong sun. This beach is very popular among the locals living in the nearby villages in the south of Malta. St Peter’s Pool is rarely over crowded as it is a remote location and be sure to bring whatever you need for your day out such as food and drink as there are no facilities.

St Thomas Bay

st thomas bay
Located in Marsascala, it is one of the number of rocky and sandy beaches in the south of Malta ideal for diving, sunbathing, swimming and also popular for windsurfing too. As a beach St. Thomas Bay is very popular as it is quiet and peaceful whilst enjoying the wonders of the sea. There is a Lido and restaurant close by for the necessary amenities.

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