Our Favourite Beaches in Gozo

Beaches in Gozo

Ramla l-hamra

Ramla l-Hamra (17) viewingmalta.com
Ramla L-hamra is a reddish sandy beach in Gozo, one of the beautiful beaches. Ramla Bay is set in a curved bay with rocky cliffs on each side. This beach is very popular with local families, tourists, snorkelers so it tends to be crowded in the summer months. You will know it is Ramla l-Hamra as it has a statue dedicated to Our Lady of Hope in the middle of the beach.


Xlendi Bay (1) Stefan Stafrace Viewingmalta.com
Xlendi is another beach in Gozo surrounded by high cliffs. Xlendi offers a choice either the small sandy beach or the rocky part left of the beach, popular among locals and tourists. This charming harbour lies in a valley offering beautiful sunsets and scenic walks. One can enjoy spectacular views on top of the cliffs by climbing up the stairs. Xlendi also offers diving sites as well as snorkeling opportunities thanks to its beauty underwater. Although it is popular, it has a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere where one can spend a day at the beach, with restaurants close to shore where one can have lunch and go for another swim after.


Inland Sea - Dwejra (9) viewingmalta.com
Dwejra is the most spectacular area in Gozo, it is the same place where the Azure window is located. Dwejra is another pebbly beach offering spectacular country views, a lot of boathouses are located here, on the other side of the Azure Window. At Dwejra the sea is very clear and fantastic for snorkeling, since it is set inland it can be very calm and the interesting part is exploring the tunnel in the middle of the Cliff which leads to the open sea.

San Blas Bay

San Blas Bay (12) viewingmalat.com
San Blas bay is a very small beach in Gozo having beautiful views of the green countryside valleys and clear Mediterranean sea. The sand is reddish orange in colour, making the beach unique. The location of the beach is more secluded and the road leading down to the beach is quite steep which is closed for traffic, its partly why the beach is not so crowded. Once down at the beach you will see the water is very clear and fantastic for snorkeling, relaxing and quiet with country views at each side, it will be worth the walk.

Mgarr ix-xini

Mgarr Ix xini
Mgarr ix-Xini is another small pebbly beach in Gozo. This location has been used for filming for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It is a small secluded beach set in a creek with natural valleys. The location offers tranquility and peace with beautiful country views on each side. The clear water at Mgarr ix-Xini is perfect for snorkeling as well as diving or for the more adventurous rock climbing. This location is perfect for diving as the location has a lot of marine life and one of the best places for underwater photography. Mgarr ix-Xini has clear water which is so inviting to swim in whilst taking in the magnificent views of the cliffs.

Ghasri Valley

Wied il-Ghasri (2) Leslie Vella viewingmalta.com
Ghasri Valley is a fantastic spot and a small pebbly beach. The location itself is breathtaking and for photography enthusiasts as well as divers. It has a narrow winding inlet with high cliffs on each side. The beach is quite small and can only accomodate a few sunbathers but it is worth the visit. Ghasri Valley is very calm and it is truly unique. GHasri Valley can be accessed through Ghasri Village square or Marsalforn.

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