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Olta Aluminium Ltd | Qormi, Malta

About Olta Aluminium Services Ltd | Aluminium works

Olta Aluminium Ltd.

Olta Aluminium have been working in the industry for years and during this time, have gained enough experience to be able to take on very important projects. The company has been entrusted with some high-profile projects, given to them by St. Vincent De Paule and Dowty. The company also caters to the needs of more common house-hold items, such as doors, balconies and so on.

Services Provided by Olta Aluminium Ltd.

Services provided by the company can range from simple doors, to more complex aluminium structures for balconies and railings.

Below, you can find some of Olta Aluminium’s services, as well as short description on their uses:

Double Glazed Windows:
These windows are designed to keep sound out from busy or noisy environments and keep some heat in, or out of your house. To do this, a layer of air is sandwiched between two glass sheets. These sheets are pressed together, leaving the air in the middle and fitted into an aluminium frame, making it easier for you to fit into a place where a window should be.

Any Kind of Aluminium Works:
Ranging from show cases to stair cases and windows as well as tilt & turn windows, the company is capable of producing a large variety of house-hold aluminium products.

Alucobon Panels:
These are panels made out of two aluminium sheets and a plastic core. This makes the material weatherproof and impact resistant, as well as being very versatile for building designs. This material can be applied to any surface and is mainly used to enhance a building’s exterior.

Glass Balconies:
The company can fashion a balcony for you out of any kind of aluminium or stainless steel. They also offer a range of shapes and styles at affordable prices, to fit anyone’s tastes and budgets.

Thermal Aluminium:
This material is beneficial because it keeps heat inside or outside your home, depending on your desires. It works by the installation of an insulation layer inside the aluminium which is then used for either doors or windows, thus trapping heat in, or keeping heat out of your house.

PVC Works:
The company also installs PVC window frames and other items, which is relatively cheap to buy and easy to maintain. PVC is made up of salt and oil, in varying ratios. This makes the material “Eco-Friendly” and helps you keep the environment safe.

Olta Aluminium Online

Olta Aluminium can be found both on their own personal website, as well as on their Facebook page.

Olta Aluminium’s Website

Olta Aluminium Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn more about the company itself, the projects they have completed and the products and services they provide.

Olta Aluminium on Facebook Latest Updates

Near Olta Aluminium Ltd

The company can be found opposite St. Michael School and in the same street as Print Right.

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