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Stivala Rentals – Rent a Bike in Malta

Cars, Scooters, Motorbikes, ATV’s and Bicycle Rentals in Malta


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About Stivala Rentals – Motor Bike Rentals

Stivala rentals, has been providing reliable scooter rentals for many years in the Maltese Islands. Besides motor bike rentals, Stivala rentals also offers a range of rental cars and bicycles.

Scooter Rental Malta – Kymco Agility 50cc & 125cc

Modern, fuel efficient and fun to ride the KYMCO Agility is a great little Scooter for exploring Malta and Gozo.
Malta is known for beautiful scenery, great nightlife, splendid beaches and unfortunately traffic. Unlike a car, this scooter can zip through local traffic getting you to the places you want to visit in no time.

The Agility CVT-equipped, 50cc/125cc, air-cooled, four-stroke.
At 232.5 pounds the bike is light and easy to handle, excellent braking system and extremely reliable it is no wonder that Kymco is becoming a massively popular brand in the USA and Europe, especially among city dwellers.


Quad Bike Rental Malta – ATV Rental 170cc or 310cc (KYMCO MXU)

At least once in your life, you have to ride a quad bike, better known as an ATV they are truly All Terrain Vehicles. With considerable storage space and offering a fun ride this four-wheeled bike is popular as a rental, with locals and foreigners.

Explore the Maltese islands on this fun vehicle and get the most out of your stay. Nearly as easy to park as a motorbike you will find the ATV; a convenient way to get around. Reliable and well serviced, no corners are cut at ST Rentals we take our clients well being seriously and whilst our diligence sometimes means we can’t cut the price as low as our competitors we are actually proud of not cutting corners!

Scooter Rental Malta – Kymco K-XCT 400i

Kymco Motorbike rental Malta

The new-for-2018 XCiting 400i ABS that replaced the 500 from 2017.  Sporty looks and cornering performance are the hallmarks of the XCiting family.

A 42-degree lean angle and 35-horsepower mill point to a great potential for fun, or at the very least, a non-boring commute. Sleek and slim, the new 400i most definitely departs from the dated “classic” scooter design and is a thoroughly modern ride.

Scooter Rental Malta – Kymco  XCiting 300i

The new-for-2018 XCiting 400i ABS that replaced the 500 from 2017. Sporty looks and cornering performance are the hallmarks of the XCiting family. A 42-degree lean angle and 35-horsepower mill point to a great potential for fun, or at the very least, a non-boring commute. Sleek and slim, the new 400i most definitely departs from the dated “classic” scooter design and is a thoroughly modern ride.


Motor Bike Rental Malta – Hyosung Aquila GV250cc

Are you looking for a comfortable cruiser at a fraction of the cost? The Hyosung Aquila may be the perfect motorcycle for you then. If you saw it, you would never guess that it was 250cc, looking closer to a full sized Harley Davidson, however it comes with all the benefits of a smaller engine: It is more agile, more fuel efficient and less costly. This makes it a great choice for cruising the streets of Malta and is available to rent now!



Motor Bike Rental Malta – Hyosung rt Enduro 125cc

Fancy a bit of exploring? You’re a free spirit and like that rugged feel of an enduro bike; it offers good control and a fun ride. This bike is great for travelers looking for an alternative to a scooter with a lot more flexibility than the city scooter. This bike is available for rent with you in mind so don’t hesitate; lets explore. Our prices are reasonable and all motorbike rentals come with delivery and pick up from your hotel in Malta.

Motor Bike Rental Malta – Honda CRF 250 (Motard)

This Honda motorbike is a dream for those who love the raw look of typical dirt bike style motorcycles but need something a little more practical for their daily drives. Enter the CRF250: With a much more comfortable riding position, much higher fuel efficiency and paved road suspension, this motorcycle allows you to enjoy your daily drives to the fullest without sacrificing any performance. Its origin as a dirt bike make it perfect for Malta’s sometimes bumpy roads. It is available for rent from Stivala Bike Rentals.

Motor Bike Rental Malta – Honda CBX500 (Adventure)

The Honda CBX500 is sleek and engineered for comfortable driving while turning heads. Using Honda’s top technology this bike glides effortlessly across roads and is perfect for newcomers. It was made as a daily drive in mind while maintaining performance, so you have a comfortable seating position and plenty of power to back it up. This motorcycle is a solid choice for anyone interested in renting a bike for Malta and is available from Stivala Rentals.






Bicycle Rentals Malta – Mountain Bike Rentals in Malta

Rent a bicycle Malta
A variety of rental Mountain Bikes, are available from Stivala rentals where you can rent a bike in Sliema, Malta. We have a range of colours and models of bicycles which are great for getting around in Malta. All rental bicycles are well kept, regular maintenance is a habit not a hobby! Solid brakes, fresh tyres and new bicycles frequently replace old ones to make sure that when you rent a bicycle from Stivala rentals you will be a happy and safe cyclist.

Rent a Bike – Rent a Car – From Stivala Rentals

Car Rentals in Malta – Small, Mid-sized, Large

After many years of renting motor bikes in the Maltese islands it was somewhat inevitable that eventually we would also provide rental cars. Clients learnt to love our top quality service when providing bike rentals, now clients can rent motorbikes and cars from Stivala rentals. We have a wide range of vehicles available, from the small economical Hyundai i-10 all the way up to the Fiat Doblo 7-Seater, the sporty Fiat Grande Punto is also available for rent as well as the saloon Chevrolet Aveo. There are many more cars available simply get in touch with us and we can surely find the car to meet your rental needs.

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Contact ST Rentals

Office: 27334335
Mobile: 79946114
Mobile : 99911176
Address: 64B, Triq Ix-Xatt (The Strand), Sliema

Renting a Motorbike, Scooter, Bicycle in Malta

There are many things to watch out for when renting a motorbike in Malta price and looks are normally the first two things one considers when renting any vehicle; however, one must also consider a number of other factors when renting. ST rentals has been established for many years (previously Mike’s Rent a Bike) giving a great service to many customers over the years. We have learnt from experience and our motorbikes and scooters are specifically chosen to meet our clients requirements. Malta is quite unique, having a high population density and many old traditionally narrow roads. Rental scooters are an excellent vehicle for your trip in Malta; however not all scooters are created equally, Malta has a hilly topology which means that you need enough power to climb the hills in comfort, so when renting a scooter in Malta one needs to consider the importance of having a scooter that has enough power in relation to the scooter’s weight. Due to Malta’s high population density traffic can be a problem at times and it is important that the motor bike or scooter you rent is steady at slow speeds, light and comfortable to maneuver. Due to the high population density and hilly topology some of the busier Maltese roads can be a bit bumpy at times and a when renting a scooter in Malta it is important that it has optimal shock absorption.

There are obviously other things to consider when renting a motorbike in Malta such as insurance, reliability and fuel efficiency. At ST rentals our fleet only uses a small selection of motorbikes and scooters that are either perfectly suited to Malta or have been modified and customised to be a perfect fit for Maltese roads. At ST Rentals we do not provide poor quality rental motorbikes, scooter, bicycles at the lowest prices possible! We focus on giving our clients the best value for money and never compromise on quality. Our rates are highly competitive in relation to the type of rental scooters, motorbikes, cars and bicycles we provide. Do get in touch with us and we are sure that we will not disappoint; after all, we have a solid reputation keep!

Update: Renting a Motorbike, Scooter, Mountain Bike in Malta 2014

This year so far has been a testament to the importance of building a strong reputation by never compromising on quality both in regards to the vehicles (motor bikes, mountain bikes, cars and scooters) as well as quality of service to our customers. We are pleased that our clients continue to trust us and acknowledge the hard work we put in to ensure that ST rent a bike continues to exceed expectations, due to our growing clientele which is mainly due to word of mouth; we have grown our fleet with the acquisition of the new and Trendy – Peugeot Tweet which will provide our customers with another option for scooter rental in Malta.

As always we keep our fleet at ST rentals small and robust ensuring that each and every vehicle we offer for rent is adapted to the Maltese Islands. We look forward to helping you with any motorbike rental you may need in 2014.

ST (Stivala) Rentals in Sliema, Malta – Map

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