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Micallef Garden Centre

Micallef Garden Services

About Micallef Garden and Gardening Services and Supplies in Malta

Micallef Garden Services and Supplies was established in 1994 and now 20 years on, this fully-fledged gardening business is still going strong.
The fact that our services and products are very reasonably priced, plus a reputation for providing excellent service to customers, with individual attention to each and every client is the reason for our success.
Everyone can make use of our services – we works in villas or houses for individual homeowners as well as in the embellishment of green areas such as those belonging to hotels, restaurants, etc.
Micallef Gardening comes equipped with all the latest equipment to make the best out of your garden with shredders, chain saws, vacums & blowers, hedge trimmers, etc.
Whatever the gardening job at hand – we are here to get it done.
Services include grass cutting, weeding of flowerbeds, trimming of hedges, spraying of weeds, removal of dead leaves, fertilization, pruning of trees, drip irrigation, garden equipment & supplies, blowing of leaves, plants, seeds, removal and laying of soil, flowers, planting of trees.
We offer a wide range of Gardening and Garden related products, such as: Garden accessories, pots, real fireplace logs, pet food and pet accessories for birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles and fish.
We also sell beautiful plants and flowers from our van outside the San Gwann Parish Church.
We even offer free delivery with purchases of €50 and over!

Find Micallef Gardening in Swieqi, Malta

You can find us every Sunday near San Gwann Church from 07.00 to 11.00
Or at Ta’ Qali Market (right at the end near the Pitkali) from 12.00 till 18.00
Or give us a call and we will come to you.

Micallef Garden Services can provide:

– Plants for indoor and outdoor.
– Trees such as Olive trees, Citrus trees and much more.
– Fertiliser and Peat.
– Seeds like
– Vegetable seeds include Melons, Cabbages, Tomatoes, Spinach and Eggplants.
– Herbs like Basil, Parsley and much more, which can found as seeds and plants.
– Seasonal flowers such as Petunia, Lobelia, Zinnia and much more.
– Real wood Fire Logs

Services provided by Micallef Garden Services

– Delivery of plants.
– Installation of Water Irrigation and more.
– Landscaping Design and planning.
– Garden Furniture.
– Pool and Terrace designs, Roof Gardens.
– Garden cleaning and Maintenance Contracts.
– Tree Pruning and Grafting.
– Free On-site Consultation.
So for Landscaping designs, Plants, herbs and more contact us via our contact details below.

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