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Renovations and Restorations of Maltese Buildings


About Mediterranean Building Restorations

Mediterranean building restorations and renovations is a division of the longstanding and reputable company Mediterranean Building finishes. With new legislation and an increased interest in building maintenance and upkeep the Mediterranean Building Restorations division is focused on returning buildings back to their former glory, often making them look even better than they did when they were originally built.

Types of restoration and renovation work carried out

Mediterranean Building Restorations performs all type of restoration and renovation work on buildings. When restoring or renovating a building many things must be considered, major focuses of course are facades, interiors, apertures and Maltese balconies.

Interior Restoration & Renovation Work

Whilst restoration and renovation have different focuses, the team at Mediterranean Building restorations is adept at performing both tasks and in Malta it is common that both are needed. One of their latest projects is the iconic House of Parliament, certain elements have been restored to their former glory and the building’s interior has been completely renovated providing a modern look to welcome European delegations.

Exteriors, Facades, Restoration & Renovation of Maltese Buildings



Professional restoration takes time and experienced hands; a keen understanding of Maltese stone and a certain level of affection to our heritage. The above is a house in Msida, the stone has been cleaned and refreshed as well as fully restored, revealing the natural beauty beneath.

Wiring & Plumbing – Restoration & Renovation


Apart from the finishes it is important to note that restoring also includes various plumbing and electrical works such as rewiring, changing old pipes to newer ones, restoring old traditional faucets when possible, this is important not just for functionality and aesthetics but also for health and safety reasons. Mediterranean building restoration will help you ensure that all is well, by working with your own electrician, plumbing specialist or  recommending the right company.

Wood & Metal – Restoration & Renovation


A facade restoration such as this one would not be complete without metal and wood restoration or renovation. Wood and metal restoration normally involve striping the paint off, minor repairs to the metal or wood and in some cases finding the right replacement if the need arises. The team are expertly qualified and have a lot of experience and contacts that means you can sit back, relax and expect the results above.


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