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Maltese Wine | Malta

About Maltese Wine

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Over two thousand years ago in the Phoenician era, wine production was introduced in Malta. In the last century Wine became more competitive focusing on wine quality and production especially after joining the European Union. Malta has two indigenous grape varieties Gellewza for red wine and Ghirgentina for white wine.

Marnisi, Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot – Marsovin

1 marnisi marsovin
Marnisi wine comes from Marsovin Vineyards in Marsaxlokk, Malta. It has a blend of four international grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. This wine has an intense aroma of black berries, tar and smokiness. The Marnisi is a medium bodied wine reflecting fruity blackberries. Marnisi has won respect from various wine lovers and connoisseurs around the globe. It is recommended to be served with beef dishes. Marnisi, a red wine with great Mediterranean character.

Cheval Franc – Marsovin

2 chevalfranc
Cheval Franc wine is made from Cabernet Franc grapes grown in Marsovin vineyards on the hills that overlook St Paul’s Bay. It is a medium bodied ruby red wine have a distinct peppery and herbaceous aroma which are typical of Cabernet Franc grape. This medium bodied ruby red wine has distinct peppery and herbaceous aroma and taste, which are typical characteristics of the Cabernet Franc grape.

Gran Cavallier, Merlot Of Malta – Delicata

The red wine Gran Cavalier Merlot is made from Merlot grapes, grown and harvested in Malta. The wine has a flavour of black cherry, blackberries, plum and chocolate with a hint of herbs. Soft tannins make the wine easy to drink with light food. The aromas and flavours of Gran Cavalier Merlot compliments well with light meats, salmon, tuna and shellfish.

Gran Cavallier, Syrah Of Malta – Delicata

The Gran Cavalier Syrah get its rich robust red wine from Syrah grapes grown and harvested in Malta. The aroma of this red wine is of chocolate, vanilla, toasted oak and plums. An intense taste of plums, blackberry and chocolate flavours of Gran Cavalier Syrah blends well with beef, lamb, spicy food as wellas mature hard cheese.

Blanc de Cheval – Marsovin, Gozo

marsovin blanc de cheval
Blanc de Cheval is an aromatic white wine with distinct character, coming from the Chardonnay grapes grown and harvested in Ramla Valley Estate in Gozo. This white wine has distinct fruity aroma and flavour of citrus and apples, complimenting well with fish, prawn and shellfish dishes.

Grand Vin De Hauteville, Viogner – Delicata

Grand Vin De Hauteville is a flavoured, dry white wine made from Viognier grape variety. It is known to be a fresh wine with an appealing floral, peachy aroma with a taste of apricot and exotic fruity flavours. The Grand Vin de Hauteville can be served with Pork, Poultry, spicy food and shellfish.

Ulysses – Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay – Marsovin

Ulysses is a dry white wine made from Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay grapes, grown and harvested in Gozo vineyards. Ulysses white wine has an aroma and flavour of citrus, lemons, limes and peaches.

Caravaggio, Merlot – Marsovin

caravaggio merlot
Caravaggio is a dry red wine made from the Merlot grapes grown and harvested in Malta. Its fruity flavour and aroma of plums and raspberries give the fully flavoured wine a long lingering finish which compliments well with roasted or grilled meats or cheeses.

Medina Syrah, Carignan, Grenache – Delicata

This Medina red wine is made up of three grape varieties Syrah, Carignan and Grenache. The fruity concentration of Syrah, the spiciness of Grenache, the colour and aroma of Carignan make this wine a soft fruity wine that compliments with Beef, Lamb, Spicy food, Mature and hard cheeses.

La Torre, Girgentina – Marsovin

le torre
La Torre white wine is made from the Maltese Grape, Ghirgentina. A refreshing and fruity Maltese wine reflects delicate aroma of lemons and melons. It is ideal as an aperitif or with seafood dishes, salads and pasta dishes.

Where to buy Maltese Wine in Malta

You can buy Maltese Wine in Malta at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera, as well as many other fresh products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands and fresh foods, so there’s always something for everyone.

Park Towers Supermarkets | St Venera | San Giljan Malta

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