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Maltese Vintage Bus

Maltese Vintage bus for hire in Qormi, Malta

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About Maltese Vintage Bus for hire in Qormi, Malta

Hi! Welcome to my page on All Malta Online.

I am a vintage 1956 Ford Thames Bus.
After many years of service on the local bus routes I have now been given a new lease on life. My kind owners have totally refurbished me and restored me to my original splendor.

I now spend my days doing fun things such as being the centre of attraction when they use me for weddings, private tours of our beautiful islands, graduation parties and the like.
You can contact my owners by using the contact details below and I am sure that they can give you a very reasonable price to hire me for the day or even for just a few hours.
I look forward to taking you on a memorable ride down memory lane so give us a buzz and leave the rest to us.

Uses For Maltese Vintage Buses

Nowadays, vintage Maltese buses are no longer used for public transportation
purposes. They are however used for a number of tours, attractions and parties, some of which can be seen below:

Tourist Attractions
Being a typical and traditional Maltese icon, the vintage buses can be used as tourist attractions in themselves, or as part of an excursion for foreigners visiting the island.

Car-cades are popular among university students. These events are hosted typically on these vintage buses and the celebrations are based on the culmination of the student’s courses and studies.

Various small parties can be hosted on these buses, due to their charming interior and quaint design.

Detailing on Maltese Vintage Buses

Maltese vintage buses had character. The owners brought out this character by customizing their buses with various accessories and paint accents or detailing.

A few common accessories or paint detailing include:

  • Highly polished chrome parts, set throughout the vehicle. These gave the vehicle a sense of added value
  • Hand-painted detailing on the outside of the bus itself, as well as inside. These usually took the form of painted lines and floral designs.
  • Messages to the passengers from the driver himself, both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Nicknames, names of village patron saints and other note-worthy things
  • Hanging objects adorning the drivers cabin and front windscreen
  • Items considered lucky by the locals were also put inside the bus for all to see, as well as quotations from the bible.

Near Venue for Maltese Vintage Bus Hiring

Ultra computer store is found right opposite the venue for hiring Maltese vintage buses.

Contact Maltese Vintage Bus for hire in Qormi, Malta

C: Etienne Falzon
T: +356 99499224
M: +356 99861758
A: 124, Guze Duca Street, Qormi
H: By Appointment

Find Maltese Vintage Bus for hire in Qormi, Malta

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