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Garage & Vehicle transport in Mosta, Malta

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About Magumby Garage & Vehicle Transport in Mosta, Malta

Located on the outskirts of Mosta, the Magumby group has for the past years been synonymous with impeccable automobile panel beating and spray painting services.

They had also chosen to extend their services into automobile transportation from the UK to Malta and vice-versa. These services are available both to the bulk car-importers, as well as to individuals who need to transport any vehicle to Malt. All this is done at extremely competitive prices and in addition to this, Magumby offers other professional supporting services. These services include the pickup of any vehicle from any location, at a reasonable extra charge.

Their car-collection point is in Reading, with the post-code of RG10 9HD and in Birmingham, with the post-code of B160AB .

Magumby promise their clients a guarantee of care to the car being transported, as well as honest pricing. The delivery on these promises is part of what has made Magumby Garage and Vehicle Transport the well-known company it is today.

Spray painting and Panel beating services

Magumby Garage have a good reputation with impeccable panel beating and spray painting services on automobiles.
The staff are very professional and can give the advice on what needs to be done in terms of Spray Painting and Panel Beating.

Near Magumby Garage and Vehicle Transport

Close to the company, you can find the Ta’ Qali Air-Field, as well as the BOV Adventure Park a short way away.

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