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LSC Metal Finishing

Metal Finishes in Qormi, Malta

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About LSC Metal Finishing in Qormi, Malta

LSC Metal Finishing was set up in 2008. The firm is run by Leo Scicluna, with over 20 years of experience in polishing and electroplating. LSC Metal Finishing offers a wide range of services in the restoration and conservation of metal objects and other processes such as repairing and lacquering and much more.

Restoration Services

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They provide restoration service on Chrome, Silver, Gold and Copper/Brass/Bronze parts mainly for classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, boats, horse drawn carriages, homes, churches, band clubs and much more. As they deal mostly with old parts, they can also repair or re-build missing or broken parts.


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Old Copper, Bronze and Brass parts like pots, chandeliers, home ornaments, door handles are polished back to their original shine. A lacquer coating is applied afterwards to prevent tarnishing.


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Silver and Gold plating is widely used for church memorabilia, like chalices and patinas, candelabras and a lot more. We also work on home silverware. Once electroplated, silver is also lacquered to prevent tarnishing.

Musical Instruments

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They also restore Brass musical instruments for individuals and band clubs, where Brass finished instruments are re-polished back to their original shine and the rest is Nickel or Silver plated again according to one’s desire.

Chrome Electroplating

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They offer Chrome electroplating services for classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, boats, horse drawn carriages, sports cars etc. The staff at LSC Metal Finishing can plate on brass, copper and bronze, steel and cast-iron, stainless steel, pewter, die-cast zinc and antimony. They can chrome plate from the smallest screw up to a 1.65metre bumper. The staff at LSC Metal Finishing also polish Stainless steel and Aluminum parts for cars and bikes, like top-covers, manifolds, alternator cases etc. Chrome plating is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal. The chromed layer can provide corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.

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