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Large, plus size shoes as well as wide width shoes are unfortunately not stocked by all footwear outlets. We realize that this can be quite an inconvenience for both people looking for large size women’s shoes as well as large size men’s shoes.
Individuals looking for big sized shoes or wide fit shoes know all to well that not all footwear outlets cater to their needs, furthermore people looking to buy large shoes are often faced with limited options with many women having to resort to somewhat gender neutral shoes to find the perfect fit, for many this means that large size sexy shoes are out of the question. Plus size designer shoes are also not very easy to find, this is the case for both men and women.

Luckily all is not lost and there are quite a number of footwear producers that do indeed make many types of plus size shoes for both men and women, the only problem is that many shoe stores avoid stocking them.

It is also important to note that different stores in different countries consider different sizes to be in the plus size range. Generally though a plus size shoes outlet will have a good range of sizes and if for any reason they do not stock your size they will be able to order it for you.

Plus size shoes can be found in a wide variety of materials and styles – from leather to satin, slingback to oxford. A good retailer will be able to find the perfect shoe for you.

For more information about plus size shoes in Malta why not contact Choices Footwear in Paola, Malta?

Where can I buy | Plus size shoes in Malta?

Choices Footwear in Paola, Malta | Plus Size Shoes outlet

C: David Mizzi
T: 21804174
A: 116, Civic Centre, Pjazza Antoine de Paule, Paola
H: Mon-Sat 09.00-13.00, 16.15-19.30

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About Choices Footwear | Paola, Malta

The name Choices was chosen to reflect the variety and selection of shoes available. At Choices one can find shoes which are of good quality durable, comfortable, reasonably priced, and which fall within the trends of the latest fashion. Products for him and products for her, suitable for all youth and adult ages including school shoes.

Choices footwear stocks a wide variety of plus size shoes that go up to 42 or 43 for women, and 47 or 48 for men. Other sizes can be ordered *as long as they are produced by the relevant footwear company.

The shop itself is equipped with a large window display, sufficient lighting and an air condition, and the staff is experienced in assisting plus size shoe clients.

Choices also has a selection of Italian designer shoes. Some of the brands that Choices footwear offers for sale are: Democrata, Pegada, Filanto, Bestseller, Lightstep, for men and Piccadily, Maria Garcia, Sanycom, Cocktail, Zodiaco, for women.

For more information about Choices Footwear in Paola simply click on their name in this line.

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