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La Principessa Pastizzeria

Pastizzeria in San Gwann, Malta

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About La Principessa Pastizzeria in San Gwann, Malta

La Principessa Dolceria is run by Mr Ronnie Galea. It is renowned for producing fresh and frozen food and has been established for over 25 years starting from a family business to a company with its factory premises and employing more than twenty staff. The company is situated in the Industrial Estate of San Gwann. It is ensured that the food items are made from the genuine ingredients and created with the greatest care and dedication.

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Today La Principessa Pastizzeria is a leading manufacturer of frozen foods such as pizza, pasta, pastry, pastizzi, ravjul & much more and has also a number of Pastizzerias all over Malta. You can find these in San Gwann, Zurrieq, Ghaxaq and Msida. They also distribute to food stores, super markets coffee shops, school canteens and other catering establishments, so you can find their products everywhere.

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Products by La Principessa Dolceria

4 spinach and tuna pie
La Principessa Pastizzeria has a wide range of delicious products to chose from. From pies, to meats, pasta and traditional Maltese pastries. Thanks to their commitment to quality and flavour you are sure to find something you love.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Pizza Base

La Principessa Pastizzeria has all of the classic delicious pizza flavours one could want available for easy cooking. For those who want to make heir own sauces, they also provide ready-made pizza bases to take out the most time consuming part of baking a pizza, and allowing you to focus on making a delicious sauce.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Pastry
On offer is wide variety of pasties for a variety of cooking occasions. No matter what you are looking to bake, rely on La Principessa Pastizzeria to handle the dough. All dough is made with top quality ingredients in a state of the art factory to promote flavour and quality. Whether you need puff pastry, sweet pastry or short crust pastry, they will surpass your expectations.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Pastizzi
Beloved by Maltese across the island, why not allow their team of experts prepare and make these delicious snacks for you. With both classic flavours of ricotta and pea available, your family and guests will be sure to be left wanting more.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Tortellini
Enjoy this classic Mediterranean pasta in a range of fillings, all made from the highest quality ingredients from La Principessa Pastizzeria.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Ravioli
Another classic pasta dish from La Principessa Pastizzeria is ravioli. Delicious with a sauce on its own or as a starter, enjoy fillings such as chicken, parsley and spinach. All La Principessa Pastizzeria ravioli is made with top quality ingredients and with adherence to all regulation so you can rest easy knowing you are eating the best quality possible.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Qassatat
Another favourite Maltese pastry is offered by La Principessa Pastizzeria, enjoy Qassatat in all the traditional flavours such as ricotta, spinach and tuna. All made from traditional Maltese recipes with care given to make sure only the best quality ingredients go into them.


Also available is the classic Mediterranean dish of Timpana in a variety of flavours. This filling dish is sure to keep your family and friends full and satisfied.


La Principessa Pastizzeria also has Arancini with a host of fillings available. Perfect as a side dish and as a delicious snack.


La Principessa Pastizzeria Chicken Pie
La Principessa Pastizzeria has on offer numerous pies in varying sizes and flavours. Perfect quick meals filled with delicious fillings, they offer pies for any occasions, both big and small. Enjoy fillings such as chicken, meat, tuna and ricotta.

Sausage Rolls

La Principessa Pastizzeria Sausage Rolls
A beloved snack on the Maltese Islands, La Principessa Pastizzeria also produce delicious sausage rolls that rival any pastizeeria. Made with the finest dough and Wudy sausages, you can also find sausage rolls with cheese filling available too.


La Principessa Pastizzeria also offers a variety of sweet treats such as traditional imqaret with delicious sweet fillings.

Party Food Items

La Principessa Pastizzeria Pastry Party Food
Many of these products are perfect for a party setting and La Principessa Pastizzeria offers special party sizes to meet any additional demand you may have.

La Principessa Pastizzeria Online

La Principessa Pastizzeria can be found on both their website, as well as on Facebook. You can find links to the respective sites below.

La Principessa Pastizzeria’s Website

By clicking on this image, you will be taken to the company’s website, where it will tell you a little more about the company, as well as provide you with some more information about the products they offer.

La Principessa Pastizzeria on Facebook

The company joined Facebook on the 11th September 2012 and since then, it has gathered 78 followers. The company’s Facebook page offers more information about the various food it offers.

Near La Principessa Pastizzeria

Both Future habitats Ltd and Tat-Targa Pharmacy can be found within walking distance of the company.

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