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KL Glass

Glassworks in Luqa, Malta

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About KL Glass

KL Glass About

KL Glass originally started as a simple hobby for its founder, Raymond Psalia. But in time it has grown and become one of Malta’s premier glasswork providers. The original passion that started the business is still very much in tact and evident with the bespoke service provided and all the beautiful work KL Glass creates.

Services Offered

KL Glass Services

On offer is a variety of service for all of your glasswork needs. If you have any specific ideas, KL Glass will work with you to design them and then to bring them to life on gorgeous glasswork, making yours a truly unique piece. Other services include repairs of all sorts of glass done on the premises and delivery across Malta and Gozo.

Glass Services

KL Glass Services

Not only focused on creating great specific glass pieces, KL Glass also has a variety of services to improve existing glass from double glazing, glass cutting and bending, sandblasting and glass polishing all available. These serve to breath new life into your existing glassware.

Special Glasses

KL Glass Stained

Besides the bespoke design production, KL Glass also specialises in special, unique types of glass such as amazing stained glass designs, security-grade bulletproof glass, and tempered glass doors which are perfect for showrooms.


KL Glass Mirror

Finally, KL Glass’s expertise extends to mirrors as well and you can be assured the same attention to detail and quality will be found here with their range of standard mirrors to Venetian mirrors, all in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

KL Glass Online

KL Glass’s Website

KL Glass Website

KL GLass on Facebook

Contact KL Glass

A: Plot 34, Qasam Industrijali Luqa, LQA 3000
T: 21 257 088
M: 99 472 104

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