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The King’s Exotics

Petshop,Specialist in Exotic Pets in San Gwann, Malta

The Kings Exotics
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About The King’s Exotics Pets in San Gwann, Malta

This particular pet-shop has dedicated all it’s time and energy to catering for the needs of fish, reptiles and amphibians alike. This specialization has enabled them to become one of the leading exotic pet-stores on the island. They are experienced and professional, willing to help you make the right choice when it comes to an exotic pet. They provide clients with vivariums, aquariums, food for exotic pets, as well as all the accessories you can wish for. They also build custom fish-tanks according to your aquatic pet’s needs. Custom made aquariums and vivariums are also available at The King’s Exotics.

Animals Provided by The King’s Exotics

The King’s Exotics provides it’s clients with a truly huge amount of pets, all of which are legally obtained and healthy. All animals are treated with the utmost care in the pet-shop and expert advice on how to best take care of them is also given.

Below, you can find a few examples of what types of pets The King’s Exotic provides :


  • Red Platy
  • Dwarf Gourami
  • Clown Loach
  • Leopard Spotted Plecostomus
  • Mixed African Cichlids
  • Red Zebra cichlid
  • Electric yellow cichlid
  • Mixed Discus
  • Clownfish
  • Coral


  • Sunglow Boa
  • Albino Boa
  • Iguanas
  • Nile monitor
  • Roughneck monitors


  • Frogs
  • Mud-skippers


  • Tarantulas
  • Small brown crickets
  • Medium Brown crickets
  • Large brown crickets

Pet-Care Products by The King’s Exotics

The pet shop caters to all your pet’s needs, be it health-care products, bedding or even custom build aquariums. It also provides your pet with food essential for your pet’s health and well-being.

Below are a few of the products available :

For Aquatic Pets

  • Food: Optimum Flakes
  • Food: For Jumbo fish
  • Food: For Large fish
  • Food: For Cichlids
  • Food: For Community
  • Food: For Small Fish

For Reptiles

  • Food: Mealworms
  • Food: Small brown crickets
  • Food: Medium Brown crickets
  • Food: Medium Black crickets
  • Food: Large black crickets
  • Food: Morio worms
  • Food: Earthworms
  • Food: Pachnoda grubs
  • Food: Medium locusts
  • Food: Subadult locusts
  • Food: Adult locusts

The King’s Exotics Pets Online

You can find The King’s Exotics on Facebook

Latest News From The King’s Exotic Pets in San Gwann, Malta

The King’s Exotics joined Facebook on the 21st June 2011. Since then, they have gathered 2,344 fans who post opinions and experiences with their pets on the page. The page is also full of new available pets as well as products and advice on exotic pets.

Close to The King’s Exotics

A short distance away from the pet-shop, you can find Kullegg Santa Klara, as well as Unity Home Entertainment a little further down.

Contact The King’s Exotics in San Gwann, Malta

C: David Attard
T: 21383421
M: 79211791
F: Facebook Page
A: 5, Misrah Lewza, San Gwann
H: Mon-Fri 9.00-12.00, Sat 9.30-14.00

Find The King’s Exotics in San Gwann on the map

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