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JLS Stonework Malta, Hamrun

Stunning Maltese Custom Stonework


About JLS Stonework in Hamrun

JLS have been providing quality stonework for well over 30 years to a variety of clientele ranging from churches to many Maltese households. Stonework is a traditional Maltese craft and it takes skill and hardwork to deliver the amazing work that JLS Stonework provides, over the years JLS has created some extremely intricate pieces as well as functional built in wall units, fireplaces and much more. Continue below to see some of the amazing work from JLS Stoneworks.

Stone Fireplaces, Wood burning, Gas etc

Stone Fire places
Above are two examples of Fireplaces built by JLS Stoneworks; each fireplace is built to their client’s taste and preference.

Pulpits, religious pieces and work for Churches

Religious stone work churches pulpits
Stone is long lasting, beautiful as well as taking dedication and hard work to produce. Great attention to detail is taken when producing such pieces. Above you can see a small selection of the work JLS has produced over the years, more images are available on their Facebook page which is featured below.

Stone units, living rooms, arches, shelves and more

full units stone living rooms
Amazing detailed work that will be the star of any home. A stone unit has a particular sense of style to it that cannot be replicated by any other material, a stone unit is part of the building and that in and of itself is part of what makes stonework units in living rooms, kitchens or other rooms an amazing addition and stylistic choice. The images above are just a small sample of what JLS can do, they also feature arches and shelves.

For a free Quotation contact Louis on 21250138.

Complete list of services by JLS Stonework

  • Fireplaces (wood burning, gas, etc.)
  • Wall units
  • Stone cladding (fuq il-fil)
  • Intricate stone designs (lavur)
  • Arches (hnejjiet imlibbsin)
  • Pillars
  • Kitchens
  • Facades (fuq il-fil, jew bil-lavur)
  • Coffee tables
  • Shelves
  • Ceiling roses
  • Ventilators
  • Picture frames (any size)
  • Covings (a variety of models)

JLS Stonework Malta on Facebook

JLS Stonework Website

JLS Stonework Website

Contact JLS Stonework in Hamrun, Malta

C: Louis Spiteri
T: 21250138
M: 99443998
A: 77, Bart Street, Hamrun
H: By Appointment

Find JLS Stonework in Hamrun, Malta

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