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James Caterers

Caterers | Fgura, Malta


James Caterers Website

If one clicks on the image above, you will find that it states what James Caterers, as a catering group, stand for. They provide excellent service, whilst also ensuring quality and high standards of cleanliness.

About James Caterers

James Caterers, provide a delicious solution to your catering problems. They encompass multiple sectors of the catering industry, including custom wedding events, industrial food requirements (for hotels, ect.) and also cater to the culinary needs of the elderly who reside in homes and hospitals. Their standards are sky-high and indeed their food delicious, but what sets James Caterers apart is the attention to detail and their relentless pursuit in giving their clients, exactly what they want. This is mainly done by empowering their highly skilled team, which consists of 200 members and under the leadership of James Barbara, a sense of duty to exceed client expectations is born within them.

James Caterers do not restrict themselves to catering though. They also provide microwavable food-stuffs, which can be eaten while you are working, if you are particularly busy and have no time to cook. Convenience and quality combine to form a quick and tasty solution.

Furthermore, James Caterers have expanded, into the baking business with their newly formed branch, Jamesburys. This particular branch deals with baking goods, biscuits, sweets and treats for many an occasion.

About James Caterers Services

James Caterers, provides a myriad of different services, including online shopping, wedding catering, premium food products and outside catering .

James Catering Online Shopping

If clicked, the image will show you the website, which tells you more about the different categories which James Caterers Online Shopping sector can cater for. Whether it’s a wedding, party foods, pastries, frozen foods and many other types, James Caterers has it all and is willing to customize your food to your desires.

James Catering Wedding Services

James Caterers also cater for weddings. They provide wedding cakes, wedding venues and also give their clients a choice of which types of food they want and whether or not to include the venue and the service of the staff which James Caterers themselves provide.

James Caterers Wedding Cakes

As one may see from the image above, James Caterers are very capable of providing a very special cake, which matches the special day its meant for. From fancy designs, to multi-tiered cakes, James Caterers excels, once again, in both customer satisfaction and quality.

James Caterers Wedding Venues

James Caterers have a multitude of venues at their disposal, and may cater for your desired wedding location with great ease and professionalism.

James Caterers Outside Catering

As can be seen, James Caterers also cater for other events, such as cocktail parties, barbecues, Gala dinners, and plenty of other events.

About James Caterers on Facebook Latest Updates

Contact James Caterers

T: (+356) 2189 6290/1 – 200
A: Velleran Street, Fgura FGR 1900.

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