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Manufacturers of water storage tanks – Malta


About Idroplast Malta

Idroplast, was established to manufacture water storage tanks in 20 various shapes and sizes starting from 300 up to 5000 litres. Rectangular tanks, Agricultural and Industrial tanks, Septic tanks, Portable water tanks, Underground water tanks, Rain water harvesting tanks , Bowser type water tank, round water tanks, Corrugated Sheets, Street barriers (New Jersey type) etc., Idroplast polyethylene water storage tanks are manufactured at a rotational molding process. All tanks are completed with tank connector and carry a guarantee of 15 years against atmospheric passive corrosion.
Idroplast Manufacturing Ltd., is sister company to Italcris Trading ltd., and to Italcris Malta Ltd., which have been in business as general importers, wholesalers and distributors of Italian products such as water pumps, generators, bathroom sanitary ware and accessories, and many other products for the past decades with successful trading.
The companies have traded with various top customers with a good client base. Italcris Trading Limited has a very purchasing power in Italy since one of the Directors is an Italian.

Our continuous research and development has enable us to give to our clients a high level of satisfaction in terms of quality and price.

Other Products by Idroplast Malta

At Idroplast, one can also find Corrugated roofing sheets available in different sizes and colours, Traffic Barriers which are portable and designed to reroute traffic and protect pedestrians during road construction. They also have Plastic Cones as well as Manhole Covers, which the staff can guide you with what you need.

idroplast water container
All tanks are completed with tank connector and carry a guarantee of 15 years against atmospheric passive corrosion.

Idroplast Malta Online

Idroplast Malta on their Website

The Idroplast website provides information about the products and services they are able to provide as well as other useful information, click the image above to visit their website.

Idroplast Malta on Facebook

Idroplast are best known for their production of high quality water tanks and other plastic goods. The company continues to grow and offers a number of other products as well as having special offers from time to time. They keep their facebook page up to date with all the latest information and you can even get in touch with them on their facebook page featured above.

Contact Idroplast

C: Doreen Cutrona
T: 21650127
M: 79454746
A: Factory MRA 014, Industrial Estate Marsa.
H: 8.00 –17.00

Find Idroplast – Marsa on the Map

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