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About Handkrafts

Established in the early 1900s as a bicycle shop by the name of Bonnici Cycle Store. The store took on the Handkrafts name and started selling souvenirs and toys after World War 2 when the store was passed down to the second generation of the family and has remained a family business ever since. Now run by the third generation of the family, Handkrafts has started selling die cast model figures and is now one of the largest distributors of toys for children big and small on the island, with 6,000 toys and 4,000 models as well as exclusive distribution rights for many brands.


Handkrafts has been producing the finest die cast models on the island since the 1950s. Die casting is the process of injecting molten metal into a mould to create models and figures and is frequently used for scale model replicas. Handkrafts offers a wide variety of models.


Handkraft Figures
Handkrafts has many different type of figures, from motorcycle riders figurines such as Valentino Rossi, to American Civil War-era soldiers and figures from other eras.


Handkraft Cars
There area huge variety of car figures on offer from Handkrafts, from regular daily drive replicas, to sport cars such as Ferrari, classic cars from the 50s and 60s and even famous replicas such as Al Capone’s armoured Caddilac!


There are also a great amount of motorcycles of offer, from famous racing models from Ducati and Aprilia to road motorcycles from Honda and Kawasaki. All of these figures also represent different engine sizes to make sure any collector is satisfied.


With experience in selling toys since the 1950s, Handkrafts stocks only the best and funnest toys available in a wide number of categories and from big name brands for children of all ages to enjoy.

Soft Toys

Handkraft Soft Toys
Handkrafts supplies toys from all of your children’s favourite shows such as Barney the Dinosaur and Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse as well as other well known brands of toys such as Funny Friends which has a range of playful characters for your kids to enjoy.


Playmobil is one of the biggest names in kid’s toys with their world famous human toy figures. Playmobil also has one of their factories in Malta and Handkrafts is happy to be one of their top retailers on the island.


While Shopkins are a relatively new brand, they are quickly becoming all the rage for children around the world, Handkrafts sells many different Shopkins sets to ensure your child finds a colourful character he likes.


Handkraft Puzzles
Handkrafts also sells a variety of puzzles for all ages and for both girls and boys. Their puzzles range from simple Disney character puzzles to 3D replicas of Juventus Stadium. Handkrafts has puzzles in all difficulty ranges so any child can pick one up and enjoy themselves.

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