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Hand Your Paw

Pet grooming, daycare, and pet sitting in Malta

Hand Your Paw provides a wide range of services aimed at your pets, with the objective of keeping each pet healthy through dog daycare, grooming, and pet sitting.

About Hand Your Paw

The team at Hand your Paw is made up of Gabriela, a trained groomer passionate about dogs, and her much-loved Tom, a dog rescued by Noah’s ark and the center’s referee and workout coach.

Services offered at Hand Your Paw

Hand Your Paw offers a personalised experience for each pet, stimulating social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in a nurturing, professional and controlled environment. Services offered include dog daycare, grooming, and pet sitting.

Dog Day Care and Pet Sitting

Hand Your Paw will meet with you and your dog and seek to find the best options for caring for your dog whilst you’re away from home during the day. Thanks to the Pet Sitting service, your pets can stay in a familiar environment whilst you’re on holiday. The dogs spend the day at the Dog Daycare and their nights enjoying their loved space at home.

Hand Your Paw Logo

Hand Your Paw address

Triq Arnhem, Pembroke, Malta

Near Hand Your Paw

Hand Your Paw is situated between Luxol Grounds and the Malta Chen Taijiquan Association right at the corner.

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