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Hairshape Salon

Hairdressing Salon in Malta

hairshape salon

About Hairshape Salon in St. Paul’s Bay

Hairshape Salon has been established since 1988 in St. Paul’s Bay. They offer free consultations for scalp problems, as well as keeping up to date with the latest hair trends and products locally and internationally.

Hairdressing services by Hairshape Salon


cuts 1
Cutting hair is a form of art, giving shape and structure to the hair style. Without a good professional cut, the style will not suit the face shape and neither the type of hair. The hairdressers at Hairshape Salon are able to create styles using different cutting techniques adapted to the hair type, face shape and enhances the client’s appearance.

Blow dries

A Blow dry is another solution other than straightening or curling your hair with the straightener and it is also the healthier option for your hair. The hairdressers at Hairshape offer different hairstyles achieved with blow dries such as volume and curls with the help of various brushes too, giving health and shine to your hair.

Keratin Treatments

before and after keratin treatment
At Hairshape Salon, they offer keratin treatments to treat wavy or curly hair into straight hair that lasts for a few weeks to months.

Hair colouring

Hair colouring is used to change the colour of hair as well as to cover grey hairs or to restore hair colour after discoloration by hair processes or sun bleaching. At Hairshape, the hairdressers can guide you into the right hair colour that blends with your skin tone, bringing out the new hair colour to its full potential.


Hairshape Salon offer the service of highlights covering grey hairs and creating various effects and colours. Highlights are also a nice effect for an upstyle with dark and light colours blending in together.

Colour corrections

Hairshape hairdressers can fix hair colour that was discoloured due to chemicals on a daily basis and to restore the hair colour, the hairdressers use colour correction treatments.


The hairdressers at Hairshape also offer upstyles for any occasion be it for weddings, christmas events, Holy Communion and many more occasions.


For natural looking curls that last for months, Hairshape Salon offer the perm treatment professionally done by the staff.


For anyone who has curly hair and wants to straighten it keeping it more manageable, Hairshape offer the service of hair Straightening.

Products used at Hairshape Salon

Salon hair products
Hairshape Salon use Professional Salon products such as CHI and Mediceuticals to help bring out the shine and volume you need in your hair.

At Hairshape Salon be sure to find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere!

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Contact Hairshape Salon in St. Paul’s Bay

T: 2157 6784
A: Hairshape Salon, Blacktail Street, St. Paul’s bay.

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