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Frankit Ltd

Japanese Vehicles, Engines & Spare parts in Qormi, Malta

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About Frankit Ltd in Qormi, Malta

The company is nowadays one of the most prominent importers of light and commercial vehicles on the island and cater to all the needs of such vehicles, be it spare parts and even new engines or accessories.

In 1972 Frankit Garage was established in Msida and started off with a few simple desks and the two-man team of Frank and Kit who were husband and wife. The name Frankit, is an amalgamation of both names.

Sixteen years after the inception of the company the owner, Frank, changed the company’s name to Frankit Limited and with big ambitions in mind, helped the company grow and strengthen it’s position in the market.

With more than 35 years of experience underneath their belt, the staff at Frankit Limited provide excellent services to their customers and stop at nothing to give their esteemed clientele great quality products, good value for money and excellent services.

Frankit Ltd’s Products

The company imports a very vast range of products, ranging from whole vehicles, to their constituent parts. All the products are very carefully inspected, ensuring that only the best is provided to their clients.

Some of the products the company offers can be found below:

2 Frankit Vehicles

The company mainly imports Japanese commercial vehicles. These can range from simple fork-lifts, to much larger trucks and other vehicles. The vehicles are all imported from Japan and are of the highest-quality. The company ensures this by thoroughly inspecting them before the importing process starts.

Some of the commercial and light vehicles the company imports can be found below:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Four-Wheel Drive Cars

Vehicle Accessories:
3 Frankit Accessories
Plenty of accessories can be found for the particular kind of vehicle which Frankit caters to. Items such as bull-bars, extra lights, fuel caps and plenty of other accessories are imported and clients can rest assured that the items are of the finest quality and are built to last.

Spare Parts:
4 Frankit Spare Parts
A variety of body, mechanical and electrical spare parts are made available for commercial vehicles by the company. These spare parts can either be purchased in a new or used condition and all parts are carefully inspected before being provided to clients.

Some of the products the company provides can be found below :

  • Various Automotive Body-Parts
  • Brake-Pads
  • Air and Oil Filters
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Steering-Wheel Parts
  • Various Fuses
  • Grills
  • Tires
  • Covers
  • Bull-bars
  • Fog lamps
  • Headlamps
  • Mirrors
  • Mudguards

5 Frankit-Engines
Engines are also made available by the company. These engines cater to the needs of light and commercial vehicles and come in a variety of diesel and petrol engines, all of which differ in size, capacity and use. The engines are inspected by experienced staff members, making sure that the engine itself in not compromised in any way.

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Near Frankit Ltd

The company can be found right next to Elektra Ltd and opposite the HSBC Head Offices.

Contact Frankit Ltd in Qormi, Malta

C: Colin Tonna
T: 21487649
A: Mill Street, Qormi
H: Mon-Fri 7.30-16.30, Sat 7.30-12.30

Find Frankit Ltd in Qormi, Malta

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