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Framegrip Ltd | Water Tanks, Electrical & Plumbing Supplies

Water Tanks, Electrical & Plumbing Supplies in Malta

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Framegrip Ltd | Water Tanks, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies in Malta

Framegrip Ltd is Malta’s Leading supplier of Water Storage Tanks. The Tanks come in various sizes from 200 Litres up to 5000 Litres as well as in different shapes such as Bowser, Rectangular and Vertical type. Framegrip Ltd also stock on electrical and plumbing material at very competitive prices as they are agents of reknowned brands which are very cost-efficient to contractors and clients alike. For more information consult with the staff at Framegrip Ltd, their customer service is second to none.

Suppliers of Framegrip Ltd


2 polyplumb
Polypipe manufactures a vast range of plastic piping in the UK, one of which is Polyplumb. Polyplumb fittings are very reliable, featuring a one step joining process which ensures closure all around. Polyplumb is suitable for plumbing, heating installations and underfloor heating applications for hot and cold water.


3 elysee
Elysee manufactures water irrigation systems and piping for agricultural, domestic and public use. Originally the company was focused on the cultivation of flowers which made them understand more about water irrigation systems and later expanded to manufacturing irrigation systems and piping. The company keeps up-to-date with the latest in fittings design and manufacture to keep up with the customers needs. All Elysee products have ISO 9001 certificate which guarantees that their products are of very good quality.

Zebra Water tanks

4 tanks
A water tank is a large container used for storing water. The water stored in these tanks is to ensure that water is readily available when needed. The tanks are often used for agricultural purposes or a backup water supply for homes and bulidings. Water tanks can be mounted in place for permanent installations. The tanks come in various sizes from 200 Litres to 5000 Litres in different shapes like Rectangular, Vertical type and more. It is important to maintain the water tank properly, they need to be emptied regularly and scoured so the tank stays clean and therefore less comtamination in the water. For more information and advice on Zebra Water tanks consult with the sales team at Framegrip Ltd.

Atom Kablo

5 atom kablo 1
Atom Kablo is a leading electric cable manufacturer and exporter in Turkey. Their technical and commercial expertise provide customers with the best quality electrical products. Their products are of steel wire with low voltage installations, control cable types and building wires. All of these are produced to customer’s needs and fulfilled to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 standards ensuring the quality in the electrical cables.

Framegrip Ltd Website

6 framegrip website
Clicking on the image above will take you to their website.

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Contact Framegrip Ltd in Malta

C: James Mulholland
T: 21419787/8 – 21434948

Find Framegrip Ltd in Malta

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