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About Framegrip Industries Ltd | Aluminium Works

Framegrip Industries Ltd is one of the leading companies in the Aluminium sector, established in 1982. Since then the company grew and extended its collaboration with Metra S.p.A designs, producing aluminium systems for any kinds of buildings, using state-of-the-art computerized machinery.

Framegrip Industries Ltd offer the a range of products and services such as Aluminium works, Glass works, Construction and Explosives. The staff at Framegrip Industries Ltd work hand-in-hand with customers, architects and designers to guarantee the best results and efficiency.

Aluminium works, Glass works and more by Framegrip Industries Ltd

Office Partitioning

1 office partitioning 1
Framegrip Industries Ltd can offer aluminium office partitioning for offices which consist of doors, internal windows and much more. The staff at Framegrip can help guide you in the way of functionality and design to make the offices a pleasure to work in.

Aluminium Apertures

2 Maltese Aluminium Balcony apertures 2
Framegrip Industries Ltd manufacture aluminium apertures which can be folding, sliding or hinged, automated sliding, revolving windows or doors and the traditional modern concept, the Maltese balcony. Framegrip also offer the service of thermal insulated apertures. It is always recommended to seek advice from the professional staff at Framegrip Industries Ltd, who are knowledgeable of the products on offer and can guide you in the way of design and functionality.

Stainless steel apertures

3 stainless steel doors
Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and aesthetically pleasing which makes it ideal for architectural projects. Stainless steel apertures manufactured by Framegrip Industries Ltd can be done for various domestic and industrial projects. Two examples of these projects are The Palace Hotel and the Vodafone offices.

Shading Screens and Sun Blades

4 sun blades scan
At Framegrip Industries Ltd, one can find shading screens and sun blades which can be aesthetically pleasing on the facade design. A few examples of this are Scan Computers in Birkirkara, Hal Mann Vella Ltd, Continental Cars V.W Showroom and many more. For more information consult with the professional staff at Framegrip Industries Ltd, they will be happy to help and guide you.

REHAU uPVC Window and Door frames

5 sealed windows REHAU uPVC frames
Save energy expenses with uPVC window and door frames, heating and air conditioning units do not have to work as much to maintain the desired temperature. The vinyl windows are sealed in such a way that no heated or cooled air can escape. uPVC is also ideal for recycling which reduces the carbon footprint. The uPVC Window and Door frames brought to you closer to home by Framegrip Industries Ltd for more information consult with the sales team, they are sure to explain how the energy costs can be reduced.

Glass railings

6 glass railings
Framegrip Industries Ltd offer frameless glass railings such as staircases, balconies, partitions and many more alternatives. Glass railings give a very sophisticated and modern look to wherever they are placed be it outdoors as well as indoors. One can enjoy the views from a balcony with a glass railing, which is usually made of tempered glass and laminated as it is very strong and weather resistant. Consult with the professional staff at Framegrip Industries Ltd for design and maintenance tips, they are sure to help you out as their customer care is impeccable. An example of a building that entrusted Framegrip Ltd with glass railings is St. James Cavallier, Arts Centre.

Skylights & Conservatories, Sky domes

7 skylight
A skylight is a good alternative to bringing in daylight in your home and provides good ventilation. With the help of the sales team at Framegrip, a proper selected skylight can help minimize costs of cooling and lighting. The size of the skylight and position on the roof affects illumination and temperature. For instance the position of the skylight installed in the shade will provide much cooler air than when installed in a sunny area. Skylights are available in a variety of sizes at Framegrip Industries Ltd, it is recommended you consult with the sales team who can offer you advice on various made to measure Skylights, Conservatories and Sky domes.

Large format glass

8 large format glass
Framegrip Industries Ltd supply and install large format glass that give a wider view to the display windows of businesses, providing natural light all year round and reduces heating costs in winter. Consult with the staff at Framegrip for benefits and tips of Large format glass, they are sure to help you with any queries you may have.

Structural Glazing

9 structural glazing
Structural glazing can enhance the natural light into the building which reduces the use of electricity. It also adds an aesthetic uniform look to the building as well as its the smooth appearance. Structural glazing is very lightweight weather resistant, providing sound and heat insulation and it is very easy to maintain. At Framegrip Industries, they offer the service of windows that can be installed in structural glazing and various other options. It is recommended to consult with the staff at Framegrip Industries Ltd to get the best out of what you seek. A few buildings entrusted to Framegrip Industries Ltd are Dhalia Real Estate, HSBC head offices and Golden Harvest and many more buildings.

Construction by Framegrip Ltd

10 construction
Framegrip Construction Ltd has been entrusted to build various residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as refurbishments of various buildings too. A few of the projects entrusted to Framegrip Ltd include Bay View Hotel, Lombard Bank, Unibet Offices, Irish Embassy, Spanish Embassy, Austrian Embassy, Blocks of Luxury Apartments all over the island, Current works in progress include Fort Cambridge and Pender Gardens.


11 explosives
Framegrip Ltd import raw material and prepare the mixture for the explosion, taking it to the quarry where the explosion is to take place. One can be assured that this procedure is closely monitored for safety and security reasons. For more information on explosives contact Framegrip Ltd, they are sure to be of help.

Framegrip Ltd Online

Framegrip Ltd Website

framegrip website
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