Flowers of Malta

Maltese Rock Centaury

Maltese Rock Centaury Pauline Dingli viewingmalta.com
Malta’s National plant Maltese Rock Centaury has a single flower head with many purple tubular florets. Its flowering season starts from May to July, mostly found along limestone cliffs of Malta and Gozo. It is considered to be endangered but conservation areas have been set up to protect this plant which can be seen in various parks and along centre strips too.

Maltese Stocks

Maltese stock Pauline Dingli  viewingmalta.com
Maltese stocks grow on cliffs and valleys that spread from the southern to North Western of Gozo. The leaves are fleshy and wavy-edged, the whole plant is covered in fine hairs having a greyish to ash-green colour. The flower bloom between March and July with pink to violet flowers.

Sea Daffodil or Sea Lily

Pancratium Maritimum sea lily  Pauline Dingli  viewingmalta.com
The Sea daffodil is one of the beautiful flowers, Malta has to offer. It grows in the sand, close to the sea. It has a large bulb thats about half a metre buried in the sand, that is well adapted storing enough food and water to survive. It flowers in the hottest months of
the year between August to September.

The Pitch Clover or Pitch Trefoil

Flower (4) Pauline Dingli viewingmalta.com
The flower is very common in countryside paths around Malta and Gozo. It is referred to Pitch Trefoil because of the lance-shaped leaves. If the leaves were crushed, it would give a tar-like smell. The Pitch Trefoil flower season is between February till May.

Prickly pear

Prickly pear
A common cactus species much used in agriculture for closing fields giving the farmer the protection from wind and also helps prevent trespassing into fields. It produces a delicious fruit coming in a variety of colours that range from green to yellow, red to purple. The fruit is soft and porous with a melon-like aroma which is a popular fruit in Malta. Besides the fruit, the prickly pear flowers between May till July with orange and yellow flower variety. These prickly pear trees can be seen at the sides of fields which is part of the Maltese Landscape.

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