Five Foods You Can Catch Or Pick In Malta

Delicious Local Maltese Products You Can Find

Malta is home to a variety of delicious foods that naturally grow in the region. These vary from fruit, vegetables to types of fish. All of these can frequently be found in the cuisine, enjoyed by locals and sold cheaply in supermarkets and market stalls. We would like to remind you that purchasing local produce helps the Maltese economy, and supports those that grow and catch them for us. Below we have our five top picks of five locally found foods you could get yourself in Malta!

Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is primarily enjoyed in tropical regions such as our own as well as other species with similar taste in desert areas such as Mexico, where it is cultivated as a delicacy to itself. Prickly pear grows on cactus, but underneath its needle-covered exterior is a delicious and refreshing sweet fruit, which is were it gets its name from. Carefully cut off the skin with a knife, or run the fruit over an open fire to easily remove the needles. It can also be used to makes jams and marmalade!


While some may not know what its called, there are good odds that you have come across Carob or Carob trees while walking around Malta, where they grew relatively freely. Carobs are frequently picked to eat their sweet pods, or sometimes to harvest the pods, dry them, roast them grind them into a powder called Carob powder. This powder has recently gained popularity as an all natural and healthier alternative to cocoa powder. Carob has its own unique flavour and texture and has been used in traditional medicine as a cure for an upset stomach.


Being an Island in the Mediterranean has the perk of a huge ecosystem of ocean wildlife at your doorstep. In Malta you can catch many different types of fish, but one of the most popular and enjoyed is Lampuki, otherwise known as Mahi-Mahi and Dorado in other parts of the world. This fatty fish is full of flavour and often served as a steak or fillet, and is perfect to bake, grill or sear. These fish can grow up to 1.5 meters and weigh up to 30 kilograms.

Black Mulberry

The Black Mulberry, which is often called a blackberry, however is not the blackberry you’re thinking of and belongs to a different berry family all together. This berry is thought to have originated from Asia, however you can find Black Mulberry trees throughout Malta. The edible berry from these trees are nearly black in colour and have very rich flavour. Their trees may be more famous than the berries however, with many growing to significant sizes, and being a popular garden tree.

Maltese Capers

What of the most well known ingredients in Maltese cuisine are Maltese Capers. Grown in the wild and hand picked, these plants have been used as a condiment since ancient Roman times, and in Malta are used with everything from fish, salads to sandwiches or as a snack. Oftentimes pickled or put into a brine, capers pack strong flavour and are delicious when paired with seafood.

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