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Diving in the Maltese Islands is a wonder filled with various kinds of marine life as well as underwater flora. Various diving sites are located in Gozo, Comino and also in Malta. Most of them are war tanks that were used during the Second World War, some are caves like the Cathedral Cave and the Santa Marija Caves and some are natural diving wonders like the Blue Hole in Dwejra, Gozo.

Um El Faroud diving site in Wied Iz-Zurrieq, Malta

Um el Faroud viewingmalta.com
One of the most popular dive sites in Malta, Um El Farroud makes a diving experience one to remember. Diving enthusiasts can find a Libyan Tanker Um El Faroud which was sunk in 1998 as an artificial reef. The tanker is approximately 110 metres long with a depth between 14 to 22 metres. In 2005 there was a bad storm that split the tanker in two, attracting a lot of Tuna fish, Barracudas and Squid. The wreck is easily accessible but due to its size, experienced divers can visit the wreck.

The Cathedral cave in Ghasri, Gozo

Cathedral cave Paolo Meitre viewingmalta.com
Also known as Reqqa Point, it is a very popular diving site. A good opportunity to explore the underwater world as well as marine life such as damselfish, Groupers, Rays, Seahorses, Barracudas and many more. Before reaching the Cathedral Cave, there is a 12 minute swim along Wied L-Ghasri and you will find a cavern that drops down to 16 metres. Keep following to the right of the valley into the sloping wall to large rounded boulders covered in algae, one can also find bright coloured starfish and lobsters too. The best part of the dive is the cave. The entrance is only 5m below the surface that leads you to a domed cave where one can surface and look up at the domed ceiling. It is worth the dive due to the clear blue Mediterranean Sea as the light shines through the entrance as you are in the cave, the bright aquamarine blue that reflects on the ceiling of the cave, perfect for photography.

The Blue Hole in Dwejra,Gozo

The blue hole Ted Attard Viewingmalta.com
The Blue Hole dive site is located in the same place overlooking the Azure Window in Dwejra. One of the most popular dive sites in Gozo, it has a 10m wide inland sea pool leading into a large crevice through to the open sea. Swimming through the tunnel one can find various marine life such as bream, parrot fish, lobster, octopus and many more. The blue hole is a good dive site for all level of divers.

P-29 in Cirkewwa, Malta

P29 viewingmalta.com
The P-29 was a patrol boat used by the Armed Forces of Malta, which was sunk in Cirkewwa in 2007 as an artificial reef. This dive is an interesting one as it combines the exploring of the wreck as well as the beautiful marine life such as sting rays and more which can be seen in this reef. The P-29 wreck is 62m long, 16m high and 7m wide. The dive site is very popular with locals and tourists which can be explored by experienced diver. The reef can be accessed from the shore and marked with a buoy to its location underwater.

Santa Maria Caves in Comino

Santa Maria Caves
North side of Comino is where the Santa Maria Caves are located. Also known as The Comino caves, they are very popular among diving enthusiasts, as well as providing interesting dives for all levels. There are about 10 caves known to divers and each one has its unique beauty. Some offer great swimthroughs, some have underwater tunnels connecting to each other, while others provide fascinating views of aquamarine colours from the lighted entrance which reflect in the cave. The caves have a variety of marine life where you can spot octopus, crabs, spiny lobster, eels, mullets, shrimp, damselfish and morays. These caves offer a lot of possible breathtaking photos. One of the caves has been a perfect setting and film location which has been used in the filming of the Count of Monte Cristo.

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