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Chauffeur and Minibus Service in Hamrun, Malta

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About Edmond Garage in Hamrun, Malta

Edmond Garage is a family run business and is one of the leading companies in chauffeur and car hire transport. They are very polite and are always willing to provide their clients with a professional service, delivered in a professional manner.

The Aim of Edmond Garage

The company aims at delivering their clients to the doorstep of their desired location, which can be anywhere on the islands of Malta or Gozo. They also do this in the shortest amount of time possible and at a very reasonable fee, while also keeping their clients safe and comfortable in one of the many luxurious cars at their disposal.

Chauffeurs and Vehicles from Edmond Garage

Edmond Garage Fleet
All the company’s drivers are qualified and are also proficient in the use of the English language. They are also very friendly and helpful and it’s the exact same when using the chauffeur service. The company’s vehicles are fully air-conditioned, due to the hot climate Malta possesses.

Transport Services Provided by Edmond Garage

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Below is a list of some of the transport services provided by the professionals at Edmond Garage :

Airport Transfers:

These transfers use minibuses which can hold up to 19 persons as well as cabs, which can hold up to 3 persons either. These services are offered as a low cost transfer service, as a shuttle service or even as private transport.

Chauffeur Services:

Car or minibus chauffeurs are also available. At their client’s requests, they will take them to their desired location.

Wedding Services

Edmond Garage Wedding

Edmond Garage also a dedicated fleet of cars specifically for special occasions such as Weddings. With their modern and sleek Jaguar cars, make a grand exit on your big day in this luxurious sedan.

Tour Operations in Malta

Edmond Garage Transport

Edmond Garage works directly with two of the leading tour operators of Malta to provide their excellent service to clients from across the globe. Their partnership with the Island’s tour operators is a testament to their quality, care and knowledge of Malta. Edmond’s garage offers bespoke packages directly their clients will work to create an unforgettable tour with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to the Edmonds Garage fleet, large groups can be easily accommodated. Their Tour services are below:

Full-Day Tours:

A tour spanning a whole day in both Malta and Gozo

Half-day Tours:

A tour spanning half a day in Malta and Gozo

Near Edmond Garage

The garage can be found in the road parallel to R4U Group, as well as one road away from Saint George Preca College.


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