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ECO Solutions Ltd | Malta, Msida

About ECO Solutions Ltd | Renewable Energy Solutions

ECO Solutions Ltd About

ECO Solutions Ltd helps both the domestic and industrial sectors cope with the demands of using more efficient and less fossil-fuel based energy.

It helps them by :

    • Providing products which reduce carbon emissions
    • Supplying renewable-energy products to produce a significant part of their electricity
    • Helps increase the efficiency of the current applications within a premises

The company also provides clients with technical support, installation and maintenance services on the products installed and all these services are provided by professionals who excel in their field and who are also very customer-oriented in their approach.

Products Offered by ECO Solutions Ltd

ECO Solutions Ltd Products

The company imports a vast array of energy-saving alternatives, giving it’s clients a good choice of varieties to suit their every need. The products the company provides are of high quality and are built to withstand the outside environment and some are even more resistant to wear and tear.

Below is a short list of some of the products the company provides it’s clients with :

Photo-Voltaic Systems: (By SunPower)
These systems are used to produce electricity from the sun. The PV panels absorb the sun’s energy and provide it’s user with usable energy for homes or businesses. These panels can also feed the local electricity grids.

Solar Water Heaters: (By Schueco)
Solar water heaters are a very good alternative to conventional electrical water heaters. These water heaters work by trapping heat from the sun in specialized tubes and storing this heated water in a tank which is designed to prevent heat loss.

Off-Grid Wind Turbines: (By Forgen)
These wind turbines are designed for domestic use only. They are mainly used to charge batteries and other small appliances. Their design and aluminium body allows them to be both stable and light, enabling better performance and promoting efficiency.

Wind Turbines: (By Venco and Swift)
These larger turbines are used to partially or fully power houses and parts of industrial buildings. They can also feed the local electricity grid. Their design allows them to be installed vertically.

Solar-Powered Rubbish Compactors: (By BigBelly)
A solar-powered rubbish compactor is useful both domestically and in industrial buildings. These compactors use the power of the sun to enable their compacting process. They can handle a large amount of waste and reduce it to a more manageable size.

Services Offered by ECO Solutions Ltd

ECO Solutions Ltd Services

The company also offers it’s clients a complete range of services, to ensure that all their needs are catered for. These services are provided by expert technicians or other members of staff who have been trained and who also possess working-experience when it comes to their field.

Some of the services provided by ECO Solutions Ltd can be found below :

Free Consultation and Quotation:
The company offers free on-site consultations and quotations to customers. These are both done by a qualified professional, who has had many years-worth of experience in this sector.

Installation of the products provided is also part of the company’s services. They deliver the product to a client’s premises and install the whole product with minimal intrusion and in a timely fashion.

After-Sales Service:
The after-sales service is provided by very friendly staff who are customer-oriented. They can solve problems, offer advice or even provide more useful information about the products installed.

ECO Solutions Ltd Online

The company can be found on both their website, as well as on Facebook. The links can be found in the sections below.

ECO Solutions Ltd’s Website

ECO Solutions Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will find more information about the products the company sells, as well as the aims and goals the company has set for itself.

ECO Solutions Ltd on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 9th March 2011 and since then, it has gathered over 120 fans. Their page is full of information and pictures on products they’ve installed, as well as useful information on how to save energy.

Near ECO Solutions Ltd

the company can be found right opposite Domestica and further up the road from St. Philips Hospital.

A: Multi-tech Centre, Valley Road, Msida, MSD 9022, Malta.

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